On the love for one’s country…

There are a few places of worship that easily transcend the specific practice of religion. The Cathedral in Chartres is one. So to, but for different reasons, is the church of St. Meinrad, the abbey church in Einsiedeln, in Switzerland. And St Martin-in-the-Fields is always an unexpected haven in the midst of the hurly burly of central London. Last Sunday it played host to a service led by the Revd Nicholas Holtam with Rabbi Lionel Blue. Blue’s relatively brief, two part homily is worth picking up from the transcript here. It’s typically understated:

I learnt from the Holocaust to beware of crude nationalism; love your country and your culture but don’t try to love your own more by loving others less. That way lies murder whether in the Balkans, the Holy Land, the Congo or wherever.

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