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Irish Times: Should Queen Elizabth visit Ireland the Republic?

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  • RepublicanStones

    “It seeks to create an Islamic state based on Sharia not just in the West Bank and Gaza, but Israel proper. On the other hand, while the IRA sought reunification with Ireland, the conquest and subjugation of Britain was never part of its political let alone religious agenda.”

    The Irish never used to own Britain, were not ethnically cleansed from it and hemmed into two little enclaves adjoining it.

    ‘where its use of Palestinian human shields was justified under Islamic law.’

    First time I’ve heard that. The fact they fire from civilian areas does not absolve Israel from the crime of firing into civilian areas. Nevermind Israels use of civilians as actual shields. Oh and the ever so coy policy of illegal ‘settlements’ at risk of attack so lets stick a big watchtower beside them.

    ‘a throw-back to the d’himmitude status under which infidels lived in Andalusian Spain a millennium ago.’

    No mention of how much better Jews fared under Islamic rule than Christian in Al-Andalus…wonder why?

    The author makes no reference to Israeli intransigence nuturing the development of a more ‘islamic’ resistance in the palestinian populace, but once its evident who the author is, its pretty obvious. Its an effort to tie the Palestinian resistance to the ‘War on Terror’ thereby allowing the Israelis a more fluid rules of engagement card.

  • joeCanuck

    Should Queen Elizabeth visit

    Perhaps first she should ask Conor Murphy to talk to the IRA his friends and get an assurance that it would be safe for her to do so.

  • Greenflag

    Of course she should’nt -not in an official capacity anyway . Lysaght stikes the right note . As a person she has many admirable qualities but mst of us have no ‘love’ for monarchy as an institution . It had its place in history and the British and any others are entitled to worship said ‘monarchs ‘ if that’s what it takes to keep the country ‘together ‘ .

    As for fears for her safety ? Nonsense . I’m reliably informed that one of her kids was seen shopping in Henry St and nobody bothered the chap in the least although a few heads did turn and said ‘is’nt that yer man ‘?

    There are I’m afraid still a few Brits left who still can’t stomach the fact that most of Ireland (the best part ) is no longer part of the empire on which the sun never used to set 😉 Perhaps Queenie is just one of them . We are all entitled to our ‘illusions ‘ and if this applies to SF and the DUP then why should Queenie not have one or two also ?