Morning Post…

Irish Times: Should Queen Elizabth visit Ireland the Republic?

Middle East Times: Gaza and the West Bank are not Northern Ireland, Hamas is not the IRA…

Irish Independent: Another lurch into grotesque, peace-process surrealism
Irish Examiner: Ulster Bank slashes 950 jobs after merger

The Times (London): 70,000 job losses worldwide in one day

Irish Independent: Cowen gives Fianna Fail TDs and Senators notice on 10% pay cut

Irish Independent: Greens following the Progressive Democrat trail?

Irish Examiner: Dail must ensure rregulation follows with the recovery

Irish Times: Diaspora’s relationship to Ireland is entering a new era

Irish Times: Sinn Fein using children in straight sectarian fight with Castle partners…

Glasgow Herald: SNP Finance secretary needs Greens or Labour to get budget through Parliament…

South Wales Evening Post: First Minster promises help for lost steel jobs

Sunday Herald: Former First Minister’s unease over ban on a Catholic monarch (or why finance is inherently unstable)…

The Economist: People are most credulous when they are most happy

History Today: 17th Century British origins of ‘Getting and Spending’

For the most comprehensive links to the Northern Irish stories try Nuzhound

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