Still paying the price [for peace]?

From tonight’s Hearts and Minds, some welcome straight-talking from Liam Clarke on the size, and cost, of our local administration – and the departments within. Expect this issue to feature, explicitly or implicitly, in other discussions ahead..

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  • William

    Agree with you Liam….

    However, seriously off topic, [Keep to the topic – edited moderator]

  • RepublicanStones

    Not his biggest fan, but little to argue with here. Although a bit of inflection or something instead of the his robotic drone wouldn’t go a miss (or is that just me?)

  • pith

    On a related note, I wonder what the big junket to the Netherlands next month will cost.

  • blinding

    If the british are willing to pay this to pretend that Northern Ireland is not a failed state then they should be encouraged to continue this lavish excess especially in these economic times. How this outlandish spending goes down with people of the Ulster Scots geneology is always interesting to observe what with them being from the financial hair shirt persuasion or so we are led to believe.

  • wild turkey

    ‘I wonder what the big junket to the Netherlands next month will cost. ‘

    Yeah, i thought it hilarious that the two lead news pieces on BBCNI this morning were

    1. Steamroller Recession
    2. Minister goes Dutch. Arlene Foster and 36 Invest NI staff will visit the Netherlands.

    “With direct air access from Amsterdam to Belfast, Northern Ireland offers the opportunity to develop business links as well as an excellent holiday experience for Dutch visitors,” continued the DUP minister.

    note to editors.

    1. above quote should read

    “With direct air access from Belfast to Amsterdam, the Netherlands offers an an excellent holiday junket, sorry, working experience for Northern Ireland public servants.”

    2. Replying to requests for information on expenses and associated claims for this expedition would not be commensurate with the associated costs of information gathering and are therefore not subject to the Freedom of Information Act.

    Buy the ticket, take the ride.