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Glasgow Herald: UK is officially in recession

Irish Times: Executive’s spending plans for the next two years are facing a shortfall of up to £1 billion

Glasgow Herald: Why Ulster must work with Scotland and Wales for a better deal…

RTE News: Changed economic climate to dominate North South Ministerial meeting…Irish News: Critical gap in intelligence services commissioner’s report on Omagh…

Irish Examiner: Government kills off Ryanair takeover bid…

Finfacts: Aer Lingus shares plunge 21% in Dublin, whilst BOI and AIB both rise….

Irish Examiner: Public sector monopoly good; private sector monopoly bad

Irish Independent: Malfeasance may make Anglo position worse than anticipated

Glasgow Herald: Pound Sterling losing its flavour in Scotland? (23 year low according to the FT…)

FT: Are the UK banks too big to rescue?

Economist: Blank cheques, bankruptcy, nationalisation: the options are dire

Guardian: Cameron’s four progressive conservative aims

New York Times: Obama’s weakness lies in his economic plans

Wall Street Journal: Canterbury Tales come to Washington DC

Haaretz: Towards a new civic awareness and improvement of Jewish-Arab relations

Spiked!: After Gaza: More and more people project their disdain for the modern world on to ‘the Jew’

  • ZoonPol

    Charity begins at home so let’s discuss the NI Assembly or the Axis within the Politburo of the OFMDFM; in particular to see how we can do our bit for the crisis.
    Let’s ignore how the Executive did not sit for several months due to a DUP/SF huff and move on to how a joint dictatorship in being created and how the Axis within the Politburo is spending present and future allocated monies from other departments to subsidise or even make free services without giving regard to how Stormont plc will recover this money in order to balance its books and show it as a responsible business to its overlord at Westminster. Parliament retains the right to tax us and through the water rates which now must be introduced next year it is clear that the dogmas of this Axis will doom Northern Ireland for its persistent need to vote for tribal politicos.

  • The cited source for the allegation in Frank Furedi’s article, about Spanish PM Rodriguez Zapatero, is a History News Network article, which in turn cites an article on a pro-Israel Spanish language website that was ‘echoed on a number of Spanish language blogs’, which in turn cites an interview with a Partido Popular politician on a radio program, in which the words cited by Furedi’s article “Es que a veces hasta se entiende que haya gente que puede justificar el holocausto” are apparently spoken by the presenter of the radio program, who is interviewing the politician, who is narrating the supposed dinner party incident, at which he himself was not present, which is said to have occurred some months previous.

    Maybe I’m being picky, but I don’t think this is entirely reliable source material.