“a shimmering shangri-la..”

Ahead of this weekend’s SDLP conference Hearts and Minds‘ Julia Paul provides another quality report on the party’s political fortunes with contributions from Conall McDevitt, Brian Feeney and others. Adds Mark Durkan interview here.

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  • veritas

    the sdlp still haven`t grasped that you don`t lecture the electorate.

    Its demeaning to hear this diminishing party continually praise itself for everything from devolution to evolution. Facts speak louder than words. The sdlp are a middle class, middle aged party out of touch and dwelling in some PR fantasy land.

    Still their highly paid spin doctors are laughing….

    all the way to the bank.

  • Patrick Stephens

    I think there is a lot of sense in the report. The SDLP’s porblem is that it lacks a medium term strategy and as Conall says has become a victim of its own success.

    Veritas seems to resent the fact that some SDLP also have succesful careers in their own right. Some of us marched for years for the right to compete on a level playing field in this region. Fair play to those SDLP people who are now leading in the business community and supprting the party in public. Most of them came from working class communities.

  • veritas

    I have no problem or any concerns about anyone being successful or did I even suggest any conflict of interest…

    Maybe the sdlp have a chip about being seen by many as middle aged men from a middle class background totally devoid of any contact with working class constituents.

    Maybe their numerous highly paid PR advisor’s would like to explain how a party with such a limited income, can afford the services of these spin doctors?

  • runciter

    highly paid PR advisor’s

    Who are you talking about?