Orde makes final two for the Met job…

Whoops… Better hold Hugh Orde’s seat at the Northern Irish Power Lunch; it seems he is one of the last two candidates for the Chief Commissioner for the London Metropolitan Police. My guess his political skills may make him a nice ‘buy’ for the ambitious Conservative Mayor, Boris Johnson…

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  • Buile Suibhne

    Nice time to go!
    Particularly if devolvement of P&J;will ultimately lead to the inevitable culling, in these difficult economic climes, of PSNI from 7000 down to the UK per head of the population average 3-4,000. One of just the very big issues our political leaders will want to hide from including: size of the civil service, duplication of all manner of facilities including schooling etc. etc. etc. Sorry going slightly off thread there!

  • edward

    Orde never was much of a leader and his support for nonpokitical non sectarian policing was luke warm at best

  • Mr Tumnus

    “Chief Commissioner”, don’t think so. The post is Commissioner.

    Too much quango nomenclature running around inside your head.