Greens choose their Euro candidate…

The Green Party announced Steven Agnew as its European election candidate for Northern Ireland at Harland and Wolff in Belfast, today. That presumably means there will be no ‘Unity’ candidate…

  • eranu

    according to the radio in dublin the greens are quitting left right and centre!

  • Marcus

    Also a nice new website

    You can find out more about Steve at this link

  • Oh dear. They’re really not taking it seriously, are they?

  • Esoterica NI

    The Greens ran last time against the ‘Unity’ candidate John Gilliland so I wouldn’t say this rules one out.

    Horseman, is that an attack on the Green Party in NI or a personal attack on Stephen Agnew. If the latter, then at least give the guy a run before judging.

  • slug

    Rumours continue to circulate about a high profile “other” candidate. However obviously I cannot say who at this particular point in time.

  • slug

    That is a very nice party website they have set up.

  • Anon

    Slug > When you say “other” do you mean “another” ?

  • observer

    Never mind the “Other”. When is the DUP going to tell us who they intend standing as their candidate? It can hardly be an unknown from the sticks as they will have no opportunity to promote their profile in such a short timespan. Their silence seems to me to be a measure of the arrogance of a party that thinks they can throw a candidate in at short notice and still walk it. I am not a TUV supporter but I hope wee Jim gives the DUP the shock of their lives as a reward for their arrogance. Times are changing and you take the electorate for granted at your peril.

    Interesting to see the turkeys at Stormont voting for Christmas by supporting the reduction of departments and members. Looks good on paper and will strike a cord with the voters but just how many of these turkeys will still be perched in Stormont after the next Assembly election. Boy it will be dog(turkey) eat dog(turkey) in some areas when one member of a party delegation to Stormont stands to loss their seat. If you are a student of local newspapers you can already see the jockeying that is going on even now between party “colleagues” all over the country. Its almost laughable the number of “thoughts and prayers” they are having to endure as they comment on just about every misfortune suffered by constituents.

  • aquifer

    Who will Alliance back this time?

  • slug

    “Who will Alliance back this time? ”

    Rumours are circulating on that score, with respect to a high profile figure.

  • observer

    Probably Eleanor Gill. Alliance run scared of European elections and like to find a patsy that they will back to the hilt without the risk of losing face.Do the Alliance Party have anyone who could be remotely termed high profile?

  • DC

    Eleanor Gill, another ruthless individual it’s as well she’s on the side of the people otherwise she would be arguing with herself.

  • Mark McGregor

    Surely this is the worst kept secret ever? Eleanor’s decision to leave the Consumer Council to supposedly go into business just as the credit crunch bit hardest seemed to give it away.

    I’ll be stunned if it isn’t her.

    Though I just shouted to apolitical wife – ‘who is Eleanor Gill’ and she replied ‘An author?’ so I don’t think she has the profile the chattering political classes assume.

  • Yeah, Mark I agree. Hardly a high profile figure by any normal standards.

  • Quagmire

    DUP will go with Simon Hamilton. He’s been on the TV quite frequently recently and I have a hunch it’s going to be him.

    p.s. looks increasingly likely that the Greens in the 26 counties are going to pull the plug on their participation in Govt which would cause another general election. Fianna fail defo wouldn’t want this at this time with Lisbon 2 looming and Fine Gael riding high in the polls. There’s talk over on about a potential Fine Gael, Sinn Fein or Fine Gael, Labour and Sinn Fein government. Never though I’d see the shinners and blue shirts in govt together but apparently they work very well together at council level and at the end of the day who would of thought we’d see Paisely and Mc Guinness sharing power together. If the shinners are needed to make up the numbers they will defo push for their white paper on Irish unity and northern representation for the Dail, which is good from a nationalist perspective. Indeed we would have shinners meeting shinners on the cross boarder bodies.

  • Mark McGregor


    You don’t rate her as a ‘unity’ candidate then?

  • USA

    Your wife sounds cute.

  • nineteensixtyseven

    It’s good to see a young person standing. I’ve met him and he seems soumd, might get a 2nd preference if he runs a good campaign.

  • Tochais Si­orai­

    2nd pref no good to a minor party candidate, 1967, it’ll probably never get to him. If you give him a 1 your vote will still go to your original 1st pref presuming s)he’s from a larger party after the guy from the smaller party is eliminated. It’s a win, win – small party up their % vote & larger party still gets your vote in the end.

  • T.Ruth

    Simon Hamilton would be an excellent choice and more than a match for loveable Little Jim. Hamilton is one of the most capable MLA’s and certainly future Minister material -so a period as MEP would be part of his development process.
    A lot of voters are young with no recollection of the conflict years and he would have enormous appeal to a younger electorate while the party machine would deliver the traditional DUP vote-no pun intended.Jim could then return to the political obscurity from which Peter Robinson generously plucked him as part of a process of healing old wounds.It will be interesting to see if Jim’s powerful personality can pull any significant number of votes from the DUP.


  • Mark,

    She wouldn’t have been my first choice, but I can see why she is an attractive figure. I’ve no objections to her as the unity candidate, and I think she can do a good job with her experiece, though I think inflated claims about the would-be candidate’s profile would only lead to a disappointing start to the campaign when everybody goes, ‘Who?’

  • Lucozade

    The DUP may choose Hamilton as their Euro candidate but my money’s on McCausland.

  • As for Eleanor Gill, what would make her a ‘unity candidate’? On what basis would anyone vote for her? Where does she stand on anything? Is this not the equivalent of the ‘donkey wrapped in a union jack’ that wuld always get elected in the Shankill? A non-entity wrapped in a ‘unity’ banner? The difference is, she has no chnce of being elected!


    Rumours continue to circulate about a high profile “other” candidate. However obviously I cannot say who at this particular point in time.

    If you’re only going to say that much, then say nothing at all! If you want us to believe that you have any ‘inside’ info, then be a bit more specific, please. For instance, amongst whom are these rumours circulating?

  • Silver Line

    T Ruth you speak well but dont agree about S Hamilton lacks the it factor. DUP need as big as name as possible to wipe Allaister out and S Hamilton is not the answer.

  • PaddyReilly

    The difference is, she has no chnce of being elected!

    Being elected is not the only point of this exercise. We need to find out exactly what %age of the pravince thinks which way. It is also interesting to find out what %age of the Alliance vote 2nd choices to the SDLP, and what %age to the Tories née UUP.

  • We need to find out exactly what %age of the pravince thinks which way.

    A Euro-election is the completely wrong way to do that. With only three seats, and no chance of a small party or independent candidate getting a seat, there will be a significantly reduced vote for them. Most sensible voters will vote strategically and realistically. All the Euro-election will show is the core support for, eg Alliance. As for the oft-mooted ‘other’ candidate, what does that prove? That there are 25,000 who really think that no party (not even the Greens or Alliance) are good enough? But does it tell you what they do want? No.

  • PaddyReilly

    With only three seats, and no chance of a small party or independent candidate getting a seat, there will be a significantly reduced vote for them.

    Does not follow at all. In the 2007 Assembly election, Alliance won 5.2% of the vote. In the 2004 Euro election, John Gillisland, the Unity candidate got 6.6%. As he took the Alliance, Conservative and Labour votes, that is about what we would expect.

    In Westminster elections with no chance of Alliance winning any seats, we would expect the vote to be at its lowest. In Assembly elections, it is only in certain Eastern constituencies that an Alliance vote can hope to elect a candidate. But in Assembly elections as well as Euro ones, voters have more than one choice.

    But does it tell you what they do want? No.

    Well the transfers from this candidate make very interesting reading. From this we can work out that a certain %age of Alliance voters lean to maintaining the Union, or at least favour the UUP, another part lean to the SDLP, and a rump will have nothing to do with either side.

    Hopefully this time we get to find out exactly what these %ages are.

  • USA

    I had a quick look at Assembly election results for 2007. I looked at East Londonderry (sic), East Antrim, North Antrim and a couple of others. It would seem to me (unscientific) that Alliance voters generally transfer 45% unionist, 35% nationalist and the rest do something wierd (Helen Corry?) or don’t transfer.