Morning post…

Washington Post: Obama to appoint George Mitchell as Middle East envoy

The Times (London): Obama may be the ‘no we can’t’ President

The Daily Telegraph: Obama wants more than words from Brown
The Guardian: Conservative trappings allowed Obama to deliver a radical message

New York Times: Exit the boy king, George Walker Bush

Irish Times: Obama ceremony shows Dail tribute as dull and worthy

Der Speigel: Global crises will define Obama’s Presidency from the start

News Letter: Obama may not be in a position to help Northern Ireland

Irish Times: “Not even his most ardent Irish cheerleaders expect Ireland to feature prominently

Lurgan Mail: Adams to press Obama for US support for political unity on the island

Irish News: O’Snodaigh under fire for Nazi slur on Jewish TD

Andersonstown News: Sinn Fein supports Palestine across West Belfast

Derry Journal: Why are we taking sides in the Middle East?

Irish Examiner: All the main parties have much in common: older, smaller, and less and less representative of the population

Belfast Telegraph: DUP and Sinn Fein bust the Assembly to Parish Council status

Ballymoney Times: DUP will advance the interests of the Loyal Orders

Irish Independent: “Mr FitzPatrick’s shenanigans are the proverbial cockroach. No-one believes he is the only one.”

The New Yorker: Why the newspaper is already dead… Gawker: Old media companies are dropping like flies

For the most comprehensive round up of Northern Irish stories: Newshound

  • RepublicanStones

    ‘ Why are we taking sides in the Middle East?… ‘

    I don’t think its about picking a side. As Norman Finkelstein (Image and Reality) explains, Jules Roy said it best in response to Camus’ reason for his silence over France’s bloody colonial war in Algeria…

    “Its not a matter of choosing one’s mother above justice. It is a matter of loving justice as much as one’s mother.”

    ‘Exit the boy king, George Walker Bush’……’The crowd was exuberant that George Bush was now an ex-president’

    Obviously he can’t go fishing in retirement…what with human beings and fish trying to coexist peacefully 😉