Why the Union works for Unionists…

Roy Garland on the attractions of the Union:

The main attraction of the Union is that it enables people of different nationalities and traditions to identify with what is local while also benefiting from being part of wider relationships. Nor does taking pride in one’s native land necessarily imply that one is an Ulster or Irish nationalist.

The attraction of the Union is not to be found in drab uniformity but rather in a colourful mix of traditions that should enable us all to take pride in a localism that can be transcended. While tribal ghosts and gods must be put to rest, it is not beyond our ingenuity to devise ways of working our differences so as to foster mutual pride and dynamism. Our shared and ancient Christian heritage has often facilitated humanitarian effort in the past. This laudable tradition can now be expanded and built on. Together we can commit to a better world without denigrating those native virtues and talents that make us what we are.