Morning Post…

The News Letter tells us that Ulster must prepare for rough times

News Letter: DUP under fire for its cuts proposals

FT: What would/could the EU do if the Republic were to default on its liabilities

Daily Mail: MPs Plan to make expenses disappear… Irish Times: Fintan O’Toole argues that the Anglo crisis has shredded the last of the Republic’s international crediblity

Belfast Telegraph: Large Orde shaped hole if Chief Constable gets Met job

Daily Telegraph: The great Garvaghy Road plot to kidnap Mo

Belfast Telegraph: Omagh Families call for D Ahern to quit after his representations on behalf of RIRA leader

FT: Diageo rethinks new brewery on the outskirts of Dublin

Guardian: Brown: “I came into politics because of the scourge of unemployment in my home area“…

FT: The fecklessness idiocy of the non Execs

FT: Shoot the bankers; the revolution is here

The Times (London): Cost to taxpayers could get out of control if the recession deepens

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