“Their denial was an absolute lie.”

A man who claims to have been part of a 12 member Provisional IRA unit who abducted, murdered and secretly buried 24-year-old Gerard Evans in 1979 – another of the human rights violations – has identified a location where he says the remains are buried.

While the IRA has admitted ‘disappearing’ nine people, it has long denied responsibility for Evans. Sinn Féin president, Gerry Adams, has repeated the IRA’s denial and has appealed for anyone with information on the killing to come forward. The IRA man said: “People who stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Gerry Adams when he comes to South Armagh know the IRA killed Gerry Evans.” “They know where he is buried. Some of them even took part in the execution. “I’m not accusing Gerry Adams of anything. [“I’m not aware of what he personally knows or doesn’t know.”] But I’m saying the south Armagh IRA leadership are hypocrites. The peace process is secure. There’s no political reason to keep lying.”

Adds The Northern Ireland Regional Development Minister, Sinn Féin’s Conor Murphy, has appeared in TV reports on this story, beginning his statement with the words, “My information to date is that the IRA’s position remains the same..”
He also had some things to say about more recent events.

A detailed, hand-drawn map identifying Gerard Evans’ burial site has been handed to the Independent Commission for the Location of Victims’ Remains. Any DNA evidence from digs, or other information obtained by the commission, can’t be used in criminal proceedings. The IRA man didn’t meet the commission directly but asked an intermediary to do so.

“I’d been thinking about it for a long time. Then that young lad, Paul Quinn, got killed. I knew the South Armagh leadership sanctioned that but they denied it. Their denial was an absolute lie. I’m sick of lies. A certain morality is OK during a war but things should be done differently in peace.”

Paul Quinn, 21, from Cullyhanna, south Armagh, was lured to a farm in Co Monaghan where he was beaten to death with iron bars 15 months ago. The Quinn family blame the IRA but the organisation denies any involvement.

“I don’t want the Quinns to have to wait 30 years for the truth like the Evanses. It’s time to do the decent thing, to give a family closure,” the republican says.

“I don’t see why the IRA in other areas can admit disappearing people but South Armagh can’t. There’s an attitude down here ‘we wont admit anything until hell freezes over’. There’s this idea, which is ridiculous now, that nobody will break South Armagh, nobody has control over us, you’ve a duty to keep your mouth shut.”

Well, they can’t see anything wrong with that..

As for the International Representative for West Belfast.. After berating “criminal gangs” who he claims are masquerading as republicans [who does he have in mind? – Ed] Sinn Féin’s Gerry Adams is off to the Obama inauguration party.. meanwhile some of his constituents are lobbying Baroness Scotland.

SDLP MLA Dominic Bradley has added, “There must be no more lies.”

And, as previously mentioned, “Justice is the glue that holds society together.”

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  • Tom

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  • dunreavynomore

    I think Suzanne’s story is spot on. Few people around Crossmaglen ever doubted that the IRA killed Gerry and also Charlie Armstrong. The story has the ring of truth for me and gels with things which have been whispered in the past. A proper dig will sort it out and let’s hope it comes soon.

    The claims that the IRA know nothing about these disappearances must be set beside the claims that the IRA controlled sth Armagh during the war years. If they controlled it then, well, they must have been blind and deaf if their neighbours were disappearing and they knew nothing. If they and Sinn Fein are as central to the community as they like to pretend today then they must know who killed Paul Quinn.

    This is a very important story and may have long term implications.

  • Grassy Noel

    Adams attack on the dissidents is welcome and long overdue. They are little more than a criminal underclass who are terrorising people in nationalist areas for financial gain.

    They have more in common with their clients in the loyalist terrorist fraternity (who they sold arms to) than they care to admit.

    Intern the lot of them.

    Oh, and agree with the poster above that this is a worthwhile story (and I’m not a fan of SB – to say the least) – if anything can be done to end the suffering of this family then it should be done.

    The code of Omerta in Sth Armagh is not there for the benefit of the people in that area – it never was – but for select few who’ve profiteered from the ‘war’.

  • Lord Gnome

    The PIRA lying through their teeth, shurley shume mistake.



    how is this man still an IRA member when they have ceased to exist according to Adams and the Deputy First minister??????

    I take it the Army council still operates too????

    What the hell is going on with the D.U.P to let this bullshit go on…. what have I voted for?

  • Poor soul

    Sums up the gutless trash that live in crossmaglen that hadn’t the balls to let that wee critter go home to his mammy years ago

  • The Smuggler

    If the PIRA knew about this hidden body and didn’t come clean about it why should people believe that Sinn Fein actually speak for the republican movement anymore?

    Will SF now admit that they have no control over PIRA whatsoever and that they are opperating a sham about one movement one direction obviously South Armagh do what ever the fuck they like and SF can just lump it.

    Why should we now have any faith in decomissioning, if they have held on to bodies you can bet they held on to weapons

  • it,s all true

    A fantastic piece of journalism by Suzanne Breen, I also remember that this is the woman who broke the initial story of the dissappeared years ago. I also remember that most people flatly denied it at the time indeed most just could not believe it.
    When I and a friend spoke to her some months after about her having the back ripped out of her by a prominent republican for doing so she just rolled her eyes, ballsey then still ballesy now well done Suzanne.

    P Mac

  • The peace process is secure. There’s no political reason to keep lying.”

    Shows a perversion of reality in that there is less reason to lie in a open peace process. So who have they duped? Who do they think that they’ve duped? Would you believe them?

    Anyway, there’s no convincing South Armagh that the Troubles were won by swift political judgement on the part of the Antichrist Adams.

    They just see him as a bit like the SDLP have caricatured him – Frank Spencer’s clumsy Some Mothers do have ’em character, who thinks that he really is thought of as a nice guy.

    He’s not nice, he’s the Antichrist – grizzly 666 Adams whose name comes out at 666 as it must.(see my website).

  • New Yorker

    So Conor Murphy knows about this murder as he did about the murder of Paul Quinn. Isn’t it time the appropriate authorities had an on-the-record interview with this Minister?

  • Bruno Spiro

    I wonder where Ms Breen gets her evidence to join with pira in stating that Gerard Evans was an “informer”?

    She must be pretty convinced of her facts to use the word as the central description of the young man in the opening sentence of her piece.

  • Dave

    [i]“I don’t see why the IRA in other areas can admit disappearing people but South Armagh can’t. There’s an attitude down here ‘we wont admit anything until hell freezes over’. [/i]

    The use of up and down is interesting in that we usually say that something is up north and down south. Since Thomas Murphy, the Chief-of-Staff of PIRA’s Army Council, is based in Armagh, the geographic reference doesn’t seem to apply to the leadership of PIRA. Therefore, the reference reveals a partitionist mindset where the geographic limit is the border. That seems odd for a PIRA member.

    In addition, I hope that Ms Breen confirmed his identity with a member of the security services from that locality (although she doesn’t specify this) rather than a member of PIRA, because otherwise she would have had to reveal the man’s identity to those who would not hesitate to murder him.

  • Republican

    New Yorker presumably any one can make a complaint to the police if they think Murphy has committed a crime and the police will have to investigate and possibly arrest him.

  • New Yorker


    It is a police matter and more since he is a government minister and thus there are standards that must be met in addition to what is expected of only a citizen. “presumably” is a loaded word. I wonder what would happen to anybody who presumed so and contacted the relevant authorities? Would then end up like Paul Quinn?

  • NCM

    I mean this as a serious question. How much due process, if any, did the IRA allow for persons who were ultimately disappeared?

  • dunreavynomore

    “How much due process…”, the answer, sadly, is none. In many case they may have had positive proof but in many more they did not. It has become clear that some ‘informers’ were executed to protect someone else and some mistakes were also made so it’s not a glorious saga.

  • Red Diesel

    on a point of information. Colloquial usage in South Armagh, particularly among older people, is “down the north” and “up the south”, down to Belfast and up to Dublin. the convention about north appearing at the top of the map is relatively recent and only caught on with the first Ordnance Survey maps in the 1830s-40s. Everything about this man’s use of language indicates South Armagh origins. Your point about confirming his identity with what you refer to as security sources is rather silly. the interesting thing that gives this report the ring of truth is that this man is peddling no agenda, he is an absolutely unapologetic Provo who stands over the murder but just thinks the family should get the body. He makes valid points about local clannishness and the poor reaction to earlier murders such as Postie McEntee – thus only local victims were disappeared. But the parallel to the murder of Paul Quinn is the convincing clincher.

  • NCM

    dunreavynomore: “‘How much due process…’, the answer, sadly, is none. In many case they may have had positive proof but in many more they did not. It has become clear that some ‘informers’ were executed to protect someone else and some mistakes were also made so it’s not a glorious saga.”

    The next question is why a broken system like this was ever allowed.

    Not to mention a system lacking due process and leading to quick executions based on hearsay and rumor would have made for a very tempting “exploit” for British intelligence to use to their own advantage. I.e. 1) Feed false information about touting to volunteers via compromised sources; 2) compromise volunteers within the internal security process itself; 3) watch with amusement and merriment as the lack of due process leads to the execution of loyal volunteers falsely accused by disloyal volunteers. It’s a useful method of sowing confusion and eliminating the enemy.

  • dunreavynomore


    Yes indeed. “confusing and eliminating”. It seems to me it is still going on albeit in a different way whereby people who ask difficult questions about political or party direction within S.F. or the Ira are at best sidelined and at worst maligned in a whispering campaign.