Outrageous: “I’m outraged said one outraged community worker”

Nice wee snippet from Eammon McCann’s column in the Sunday edition of the Derry Journal today…

I am told that a major row has erupted in the community sector after allegations that a job had been advertised before it was filled.

“I am outraged,” said one outraged community worker last night. “When I saw the ad. in the paper asking people to apply, I rang up and asked who had got it. You can imagine my shock when I was told that it hadn’t been decided yet.

“I didn’t join the Army of Liberation the day after the ceasefire for this sort of thing. I am calling for a full secret inquiry.”


  • Kathleen

    I am told that a major row has erupted in the community sector after allegations that a job had been advertised before it was filled.

    Mick, is this for real. Do you mean filled before it was advertised? I can’t seem to find a link to the article, and there isn’t enough in the snippet to know what is going on.

    “I didn’t join the Army of Liberation the day after the ceasefire for this sort of thing

    A cease fire soldier complaining? 🙂

  • Great stuff.

  • USA

    I believe Eamonn is being sarcastic (but I could be wrong).

  • Kathleen

    US yeah 🙂 I worked that out. But I would have liked to have read the whole thing to see why. I still can’t find a link to it. Can you?

  • Comrade Stalin

    Things are getting badly out of hand when the Americans have to explain irony to the locals.

  • Kathleen

    Irony is something only for the locals CS?

  • Mick Fealty

    It’s filed under humour Kathleen…

  • Gerry in Derry

    As a native of the same city as my old friend Eamon, although our politics differ widely, I know precisely the reason for his sarcasm….the majority of the community jobs are filled by Sinn Fein activists and these positions are only advertised AFTER THE APPOINTMENT ?? to satisfy employment law.

    Below are some emails that have floated throughout the community sector in recent weeks. They are between a concerned Bogsider and an elected Sinn Fein Councillor on ‘Derry City Council.


    Thank you Cllr. –L–g–i- for your interesting reply.

    That has really put me in my place.

    All these dedicated Sinn Fein community workers in the Bogside and Creggan are working for nothing and at risk. At risk of what? Perhaps at risk of being found out and exposed as having sold out the Republican socialist principals’ of equality and fairness.

    The idea that Sinn Fein are being censored by the media is a pathic excuse and you should be ashamed of yourself for speaking such lies.

    With vital services being cut to the residents in the most deprived areas of city, is this the best excuse you can come up with for the Sinn Fein silence and betrayal of working class people.

    The truth is, the silence of Sinn Fein has been bought by the promise of DSD funding to their own pet projects, and where as Judas betrayed his people for thirty pieces of silver. you and fellow Sinn Fein members have sold out our people for the promise of three years DSD funding from the British government.

    If you Cllr. Mc –u–l– believe your own lies, I challenge you to go on to Radio Foyle’s Paul Mc Fadden show and state publicly that the facts I have given regarding Sinn Fein operating a jobs for the boys( and girls) policy is false and I will come on air and stand over everything I have written.

    You see Cllr. –L–g-l– the truth will always come out, and when the people of the Bogside and Creggan and the rest of this city hear the facts they will decide for themselves who is telling the truth and it is then that you and other Sinn Fein members will have to look in the mirror at yourselves and decide if your actions or inactions have brought shame on a noble struggle that so many dedicated republicans have given their life’s for.

    Remembers republicans are supposed to serve the people, not serve themselves.

    Bogside Resident

    Hello J—s

    Having read your interesting analyses below i feel obliged to point you in the direction of some of the facts!
    1: There is currently no one man or women currently being funded by DSD through neighbourhood renewal, in fact all the people listed below are working at risk!
    2: Several of the people listed below never have nor intend to be applying to DSD NR for funding for anything
    3: Throughout the time when job cuts were announced and highlighted in the Media i personally and indeed several other of the people listed below tried tirelessly to get air time in relation to the decisions, Obviously you have limited knowledge of the local media when it comes to getting the Republican message across.
    4: Sinn Fein have on a number of occasions challenged DSD and Minister Richie in relation to the cuts and have raised the issue publically and privately

    Im sorry if this deflates what you may see as a story

    E—a –L–g–i-

    Sinn Fein Activists with jobs in the community sector groups with Sinn Fein majority boards / committee include:

    Cllr Mave Mc Laughlin SF Glen Development Group DSD Funding
    Cllr Elisha Mc Laughlin SF Galliagh Development Trust DSD Funding
    Cllr Kevin Campbell SF Creggan Neighbourhood Partnership DSD Funding
    Cllr Peter Anderson SF Dove House DSD Funding
    Cllr Lynn Fleming SF Top of the Hill 200 DSD Funding
    Cllr Gerry Mc Laughlin SF Hillcrest House DSD Funding

    Or maybe PAUL you could ask our Neighbourhood Renewal Boards

    Charles Lamberton Manager Triax Senior SF member DSD Funding
    Sean Mc Monegal Triax NR Board Senior SF member DSD Funding / Creggan NP
    Tony Doherty Triax NR Board Senior SF member DSD Funding / Bogside & Brandywell
    Colm Barton Triax NR Board Senior SF member DSD Funding Manager, Bogside & Brandywell
    Seamus Heaney Creggan NP
    Declan McLaughlin [Screaming Bin Lid singer] Bogside & Brandywell

    and so on……….

    but its not just the Bogside and Creggan this process continues across the town and further

    In Shantallow Outer North

    Cathal Mc McCauley Chairperson Outer North NR Board Senior SF Member DSD Funding
    Cathal Crumley Outer North NR Board Senior SF Member DSD Funding

    and so on…………

    In Waterside
    Damian McElroy Chairperson Waterside NR Board Senior SF member DSD funding

    and so on……and so on………

    in The Outer West area Noel McCartney

    Provided by Sinn Fein’s Bogside ‘Fan’


  • Kathleen

    Aw right mick that explains it…. I have none of that 🙂

    BTW do you have a link for it, I’d still like to read the whole thing…

  • Percy

    I’m outraged that there’s no link kathleen

  • Kathleen

    Percy I’m even more outraged!!! More outraged than you will ever be. You can imagine my shock at being outraged, and I’m outraged at you for being outraged!

    This whole affair is simply outrageous.

    Outrageous I tell you.

  • KieranJ

    Regardless, I don’t want the job since it’s on the Shankill Road.

  • Properly-filled-post-outside-Derry-Community-Worke

    I had heard of these emails, but had not seen them. Many thanks. Some of us work in this sector in the north west and have been raising this very point for some months. The stranglehold on these posts is incredible. I really want to see something done about this but doubt it will.

  • wild turkey

    …reports are coming in that the recent cold spell in Derry has put in an end to these alleged practices. Unconfirmed reports claim that it has been so cold that a number of peoples commissars, sorry councilors, and heroic C/V sector workers have been sighted with their hands in their own pockets.

    ‘these positions are only advertised AFTER THE APPOINTMENT ?? to satisfy employment law. ‘ advertising after appointment is totally contrary to employment law!!. Try this on for size. The next time an appointment allegedly occurs before advertisement, get a number of potential candidates to nonetheless apply for the post in question. These applicants should have characteristics different than those of the, ahem, successful applicant. For example if the successful candidate is Shinner Male, a non-shinner female should be one of the other applicants. When these potential applicants are unsuccessful, they initiate tribunal cases and ask the Equality Commission for funding assistance.

    Good practice in recruitment and selection suggests that all documentation, notes, memos, emails, etc. etc. should be retained for at least 12 months and made available in any tribunal case(s) that may arise. Anyway, if you want to get a sense of how to play the game, my 8 yr old will lend you his new Wii game; An Ireland of Equals.

    Chuck E R Law

  • Gerry in Derry

    Hi Wild Turkey….You wrote:

    these positions are only advertised AFTER THE APPOINTMENT ?? to satisfy employment law. ‘ advertising after appointment is totally contrary to employment law!!.

    Of course you’re correct…should have read ‘….only advertised to satisfy employment law….’

    However, the person has been given the nod that the job is theirs and they apply in the normal way but the 3/4 interviewers know the score and yer man/woman [the activist shinner] gets the job. The list above tells it all.

  • Gerry in Derry

    Link to what Kathleen and Percy?…..the Sunday Journal article by the perpetual Socialist Eamon? or the emails? Sorry no link to them, they were sent out around numerous folk within the community sector recently, from an unknown source….but I did endeavour to disguise the two folk in the emails….but with a little ingenuity, you’d be able to find out the name of the Shinner Councillor….

  • Gael gan Náire

    Gerry in Derry,

    Do you have any figures as to the number of people overall employed in the community sector in Derry?

    Given that Sinn Féin have have ‘sold out our people’, do you believe thatany member of a supporter of said party is suitable for employment in the community sector or should that sector seek to protect the people and keep them out?

  • Weeman with big trousers

    We all know that this is the case in all Republican areas. In Belfast, it’s chronic.

    In one very notorious Falls Road ‘community’ organisation, out of around 20 members of staff covering a many different projects, i know that 14 of them are or when employed were ‘Sinn Fein’ activists.

    I know that this is the case in the Colin area as well as these ‘Community Safety’ quangos that you see. North Belfast is much the same.

    Margarate Ritchie’s approach is wrong but the issue is true.

  • GGN

    Weeman with big trousers

    “out of around 20 members of staff covering a many different projects, i know that 14 of them are or when employed were ‘Sinn Fein’ activists.”

    Thats 70%.

    69.9% of voters in the are voted for SF in the last assembly elections, the percentagge is virtually the same.

    What percentage of Sinn Féin supporters working in the organisation would be acceptable

  • Dave

    Briefly. I don’t think Deccy McLaughlin is in Sinn Fein any longer and as far as I know he doesn’t work for the B&BN;Initiative these day.

    Also, that’s McCann’s whole article on the subject. A bit short. It’s flying around all the same email lists as the document from Gerry. Probably inspired by the same.

    Soda Farrell

  • Mark McGregor


    SF activists do not make up 70% of the workforce. That’s the issue not voters.

  • GGN


    But it hardly surprising that the same people who are involved in politics would be interested in this field of employment.

    Let me be clear, I would not condone anyone failing to get a job that they should get on merit, but that swings both ways.

    When one hears talk of ‘sell out’, ‘unfitness’ and the belief expressed that the community sector should not permit any SF involvment as ‘it is their job to protect the community from Sinn Féin’. One has to be somewhat sceptical.

    Elected reps speak for the ‘community’ in my view, if people dont like it they should stand for election.

    Frankly, in a 70% SF constituency, I would be very surprised, nay shocked, if employment in the ‘sector’ did not reflect that.

  • Gerry in Derry

    The problem is that Fair Employment legislation requires the publicily funded posts to be advertised in at least two local papers. However, many of these posts are filled by ‘activists’ and indeed a number of Councillors.

    Fair employment doesn’t come into it….it is Sinn Fein jobs for the Sinn Fein boys and girls and to hell with the best person…

    Just like the Resident’s groups: Always a Shinner at the head of it. Was he the best for the job or was it because he was a Shinner….me thinks the latter

  • Gregory

    “Things are getting badly out of hand when the Americans have to explain irony to the locals.”

    I had a teleconference this morning, on that,

    We need bar codes or something.


  • Gerry in Derry

    Question for Derry Wans.

    Hi When did Decky McLaughlin [the ould Screaming Bin Lid singer] leave the Shinners? And when did he leave the BBI? Sure, he only moved to the post in the BBI, when Paul Kavanagh [Martina Anderson’s better half un] moved to a grand job as a ‘political advisor’ up in Stormont and the Harry Potter lookalike [Hugh Jordan of Sunday World’s description, not mine] Colm Barton took his job….Decky moved into to Colm’s position.

    Has that changed ??? Didn’t see the vacancy advertised, so I didn’t !!!

    By the Way….the list that was circularised to all sorts of community workers here in Derry was incomplete…sure there’s a whole raft of workers in advice, administration, healthy this and that in places like Dove House and Pilot’s Row Community Centre that are all Shinner activists. When an election comes around, they are all on holiday, by the way. About the only non-Shinner around either of the above named places is the veteran Stoop Gus Hastings….!!!

  • x

    Amazing when SF gets into bed with unionists they virtually become unionist, snuggly based in stormont with jobs for the bhoys and bhoys for the jobs.

    Soon local jobs in republican areas will only be open to SF members , then houses, etc etc.

    Next we will need a civil rights campaign to stop the discrimination, a few marches then a few riots, then 30 years of killing to get it all sorted, replacement of the junta in stormont with direct rule and an “11th night agreement” and of we go again!!

    Some ireland of Equals this – an ireland equally the same as it always was more like!

  • Gerry in Derry

    Gerry in Derry,

    Do you have any figures as to the number of people overall employed in the community sector in Derry?

    Well, you could probably add another thirty / forty to the above list, but I can’t think of any of them that are ‘political party activists’, although I’m sure most, if not all of them, voted for one party or the other, including amongst them, some who may well vote for the Shinners.
    That number would include the Waterside and Rural areas, e.g. Claudy, Park, Eglinton, Lettershandoney, Curryneiran and Tullyalley where there are a number of full-time Community development officers and youth workers.

    However, on the West Bank / Cityside, which would take in Brandywell/Bogside, Creggan, The Glen, Galliagh / Shantallow, workers are 100% Shinners and 99% activists/party workers. Likewise, the groups, 100% Shinners.

  • Glencoppagagh

    What’s really outrageous is that these publicly funded jobs exist in the first place.

  • Fcuksake

    GGN, I don’t think that anyone could credibly argue that those who are active in or support SF should be excluded from jobs in the CV sector. The problems are related to the practices that occur when these jobs are being “allocated”. The situation in Belfast is ridiculous where totally under qualified people who clearly don’t even meet the basic criteria are shoe-horned into well paid positions in front better qualified non SF candidates. No-one would complain by the way if these chosen people were capable of doing their jobs but the fact is that many are incompetent to say the least and an embarrassment to many, including SF supporters. It is true to a certain extent that one form of cronyism and discrimination has been replaced by another, only this time the Brits, Irish, EU and US all know about it and are prepared to accept it to bed down the RA.
    Mark what has happened to your piece on this in Belfast?

  • GGN


    I have heard such a prospect articulated often.

    I condemn any practice of naot giving the job to the best qualified and capable person.