Morning Post…

– Irish News: Jim Gibney finds there is lots to be optimistic about. (Crisis, what crisis?)…

– Sunday Business Post: David McWilliams reckons Anglo is the Republic’s Enron. Worse: “We are now in a position where nobody trusts us”…

– Irish Times: AIB loses half its share value on the Dublin Stock Market

– Financial Times: John Murray Brown on how the Irish centre cannot hold and things fall apart…- Irish Times: Five remaining Anglo directors finally step down

– The Guardan: Bring Fine Gael into the coalition government

– Financial Times: £20 Billion more of UK Taxpayers cash to rescue the banks

– Glasgow Herald: RBS set to post the largest losses in UK corporate history

– The Times (London): Whilst pretty much all around him go hysterical, Simon Wolfson counsels patience: There are no quick, miracle cures for a recession

– Daily Telegraph: George Bridges looks forward to a time when the state will do less: presumably forced upon it because it’s so overloaded with private debt it will no longer have the means to borrow a red (for which read Chinese) cent…

– Irish News: Sinn Fein stole the SDLP’s political clothes: the worst suit in the shop

– Irish News: Adams declares dissidents are criminal gangs posing as Republicans

– Belfast Telegraph: Dr Paisley wrapped for ‘Shamrock Crimes’

– Belfast Telegraph: McNarry wants Presbyterian Church to make up PMS’s cash shortfall

– Daily Telegraph: John Sentamu claims Britain has become self-absorbed and has lost its way

– Daily Telegraph: Bush’s legacy will be vindicated by history

– And from Editorial Intelligence’s pick of the day: Peter Wilby in the Guardian:

For three reasons, I feel uneasy about the attention given to the story and the universal condemnation of Harry. First, when Fleet Street forms a consensus, it is usually wrong. Second, it is not clear Harry could have known there was anything offensive about “Paki”. He lives a very sheltered life. Moreover, there’s a website, claiming to be the biggest Pakistani online community, with the address and headings that include “Paki news” and “Paki job finder”.

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