Voluntary cull for dioxin contaminated beef

I’ve yet to see an update on the reported talks between Northern Ireland Ministers, Arlene Foster and Michelle Gildernew, and the Republic of Ireland’s government about access to the €180m contingency fund “to cover costs arising from the recall of pig meat following the dioxin contamination” – and what news there is isn’t good. Now the Northern Ireland Agriculture Minister, Sinn Féin’s Michelle Gildernew, is, according to the BBC report, “urging farmers to take advantage of the voluntary cull to “safeguard the reputation” of the NI beef industry” – the Minister herself is invoking [Northern Ireland] Executive collectivity.. The proposed cull covers 7,000 cattle restricted on 10 Northern Ireland farms because of the same dioxin contamination that affected Irish pork. As for the voluntary nature of that cull? From the BBC report

The minister said the Northern Ireland Executive will only meet the costs of slaughter and rendering of the animals.