Morning Post…

– NEWS LETTER: Jim Allister claims the sunset clause agreed by the Politburo OFMDFM amounts to ending the DUPs veto on a Sinn Fein Policing and Justice Minister after 2012…

– GUARDIAN: Mary Lou makes decision on Dublin Central seat in event of clash
– IRISH NEWS: Uncle Gerry’s woolly minded waistcoat

– NEWSWEEK: RIchard Haass on the need to bolster moderation as a viable course of action in Israel/Palestine

– IRISH TIMES: Anglo Bank… Midnight in Tokyo; Afternoon in Dublin

– DAILY TELEGRAPH: A 75% Government stake becomes 100%

– FINANCIAL TIMES: Allied Irish Banks down nearly 13 per cent, Bank of Ireland falling 13.3 per cent and Irish Life & Permanent down 5.5 per cent

– IRISH TIMES: Micheal Martin warns over the consequences of a second No Vote.

– PRESS ASSOCIATION: There is just that wee matter of the Bank of America bailout

– IRISH TIMES: Leader on the Junior Ministers… “It’s difficult to know what some of them do…”

– THE HERALD: Alex Salmond faces two inquiries by Scottish Parliamentary Standards Committee

– SCOTSMAN: Scottish pupils enter educational ‘Black Hole’ between P5 and Second Year

– BELFAST TELEGRAPH: One in ten schoolchildren in Northern Ireland are suffering from mental health conditions

– MORNING POST: Big Brother silences Tommy Sheridan’s rendition of the Fields of Athenry

– THE SUN: Gorgeous Gemma could be 75 and still be Miss Great Britain

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