Masal, my ass…

If you’d heard of the Modovan footballer Masal Bugduv, who was recently named 13th most promising footballer in a Times list. scores of Premier League teams where reportedly interested in him. You may be interested to know that his name means ‘Little Black Donkey’ in Irish… And he doesn’t exist… (Damned Interweb thingie – ed) H/T Gareth!

  • GGN


    M’asal beag dubh is also a famous short story by Pádraic Ó Conaire, famous in Russia, unknown in Ireland, oft. compared to Chekov, the writer not the blogger.

  • Rory Carr

    Those Moldovans, whether existent or not, are crap at tennis as well. At least if Round Ireland With a Fridge author, Tony Hawkes is to be believed:

    Playing the Moldovans at Tennis
    His second book, also the result of a drunken bet (with the comedian Arthur Smith), this time involved an attempt to beat each member of the Moldova national football team at a game of tennis based on the theory that people good at one sport are rarely good at another. (ISBN 0-09-187456-4)

    He won the bet!

  • GGN

    I think I should have followed the links! Need a coffee and disconnection from the Matrix.

    The best of it is I actually have some Romanian.

    Eejit of the month.

    Buna Ziua, ceau.

  • Rory Carr

    “The best of it is I actually have some Romanian.

    I hope you treat him kindly and don’t beat him too often, GGN.

  • Gael gan Náire
  • Rory Carr


    I have attempted my first post as Gaelige in over 50 years on your site. Please don’t laugh (too much).

  • Blue Hammer

    Pedants’ Corner:

    “Scores of Premier League teams interested in him”

    I fear not. Since there are only 20 (i.e. One score) in total in the Premier League.

  • joeCanuck

    Just love it. These types of hoaxes are great.

    Rory, how did you brush up your Gaelige? I haven’t had it for 45 years and regret it.

  • M Bugduv, Balti, Moldova


    AP- BALTI (Friday)— Top Moldovan hotshot Massi (Masal) Bugduv has said that recent claims that he does not exist are merely a ploy by forces behind his club to prevent him from moving to a Western Europe club before the end of the month.
    The 16-year-old full Moldovan international was controversially included in the Times Top 50 Young Players this week but was then devastated by a campaign which suggested that he does not even exist!
    The Times removed him from the listing and replaced him with Arsenal hotshot Jay Simpson.
    However last night the Moldovan was considering legal action against those who got him removed from the list and he said he knows who is behind it.
    He is hopeful that he will be reinstated before the middle of next week.
    ‘Since the summer time when I was on the verge of moving to Arsenal, my work permits problems were not just a coincidence. they were designed to stop me leaving for a few years, and now sinister forces seem to have tried to embarrass me again.
    “I was almost exploding my head with the rage when I heard about these newspaper stories.
    “I was so proud to be in the Top 50 players at No. 30 but then to have that taken away from me by vicious rumours is heartbreaking.
    “I am happy that Jay Simpson got the place but soon I will be at Arsenal too, I hope and i will win back my place.
    “Sometimes I wonder if my career will ever see me playing in England or Spain.
    “We are seeing the same with Arshavin. People here tend to think that you should stay at one club for life, but I am young and it has always been my dream to play in the west.
    “I know who is behind this. They try to embarrass me and my family and my agent, but it will not work,” he said.
    He said that his legal representatives have already been instructed to contact media outlets who said that he did not even exist.
    Bugduv is to feature in a series of TV interviews this weekend as investigation into the “non-existent” claims is ongoing.



  • Rory Carr

    Speaking (or, at least writing) as the senior Gooner available to Slugger I might add that M Bugduv’s undoubted talents, whether or not he actually exists (a mere trifle in my opinion), would be most gratefully welcomed at the Emirates.

    …and, may I add, also might help to get yours truly out of some deep shit down here in darkest Tottenham.

  • Cuairteoir


  • Culo Inco (the new Cesc Fabregas)


    Spurs alrady have 11 Masal Bugduv´s.