Morning Post…

– Irish Examiner: Jury sworn in in the Northern Bank case in Cork

– Irish Examiner: Eleven Junior Ministers to be made redundant (Suzy has been busy)…

– Financial Times: Republic’s ballooning public debt provokes drop in the Euro

– Irish Times: ICTU is in for a tough time, as public pay rates are in the firing line
– Irish Echo: Bush’s decent Irish legacy

– Belfast Telegraph: Claimants numbers rise by 50% inside the last year

– Daily Mail: Top UK and Irish retailers lose ten percent over key Christmas period

– The Times: Why Mandelson’s £20 Billion of real money will make a difference to business

– The Daily Mail: Did we underestimate Bush?

– Wall Street Journal: Welcome to the White House Mr Obama

– English Independent: Did Bush ever have any convictions?

– The Nation: How puritans just love disasters of all descriptions

For more news on Northern Ireland, see Nuzhound

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