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– Irish Examiner: Jury sworn in in the Northern Bank case in Cork

– Irish Examiner: Eleven Junior Ministers to be made redundant (Suzy has been busy)…

– Financial Times: Republic’s ballooning public debt provokes drop in the Euro

– Irish Times: ICTU is in for a tough time, as public pay rates are in the firing line
– Irish Echo: Bush’s decent Irish legacy

– Belfast Telegraph: Claimants numbers rise by 50% inside the last year

– Daily Mail: Top UK and Irish retailers lose ten percent over key Christmas period

– The Times: Why Mandelson’s £20 Billion of real money will make a difference to business

– The Daily Mail: Did we underestimate Bush?

– Wall Street Journal: Welcome to the White House Mr Obama

– English Independent: Did Bush ever have any convictions?

– The Nation: How puritans just love disasters of all descriptions

For more news on Northern Ireland, see Nuzhound

  • Kathleen

    Re the euro mick. It’s not only Ireland in a bad way, Greece Spain and Italy are all basket cases. The situation with the dollar is different. It’s not only the US but Europe too that is pinning hopes on Obama and his stimilus package. None of us will get out of the slump until America lifts its self out, but the rest of the world doesn’t really know how Obama will play this. He may go down an economic isolationist path, and there are still fears in that country, what if one of the big three was to go under?

    These are very unstable economic times and no one really knows whats in store, but I wouldn’t blame any drop in the euro on Ireland alone.

  • Kathleen

    Re welcome to the whitehouse Mr Obama. Again based on the expansion of government and the stimulus package. Very little attention was given to Hilary Clintons hearings to confirm her as secretary of state. She sounded awfully like her husband, and not all that different from Bush. Not much change there. I wonder how long it will take to change from tea and biscuits to criticism?

    As for Bush and underestimating him? Thats a possibility after Condi’s latest performance.

  • English Independent

    lol, you’ll annoy a few people with that one!

  • Mick Fealty

    You’re the first to ‘complain’… and we’ve been calling it that in the Blogroll since 2002…

  • ‘complain’?? I love it!

    I don’t know what your ‘blogroll’ is, but in the drop-down thingy on the right hand side (down a bit) it’s called the “Independent – UK”, which seems accurate enough.

    PS, if you’re going to overhaul this place soon, there are lots of errors in the links on the RH side. Ask Chekov, he’s been whingeing for ages about your screwed-up html.

  • Mick Fealty

    We are Horse… And I’ve had quite a few complaints, and by not means all of them from Chekov… But I’m hoping we can get on with the content overhaul before the technical one…

  • … the content overhaul

  • Mick Fealty

    Too busy, sorry… in good time though…

  • OC

    ‘- The Nation: How puritans just love disasters of all descriptions…’

    The underlying link is a duplicate of the preceding one.