“A source close to Sinn Féin..”

A fascinating snippet from Sinn Féin president Gerry Adams’ latest blog post

A source close to Sinn Féin tells me the party was prepared to make the venue available to the Oireachtas if the state commemoration was made a national event and if there were co-equal speaking rights for all involved. Ah no, came the reply. So there you areŅ. At least it was accepted that MPs, MLAs and MEPs from the north should be invited. And that’s a good thing.

Shurely shome mishtake..

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  • Mark McGregor

    Well Pete, the first entry had me convinced this was a ghost written blog but now with the computer illiteracy and bad drafting making it into the final cut it does seem a bit more like Adams may be actually writing this uninspiring fluff. (good work SF press office, you saw everyone had seen through this crap early and regrouped – will this be as long running and tedious as Bairbre’s half made up diary for Daily Ireland? – remember how shit that was once you all got bored!)

  • … Bairbre’s half made up diary …

    But, Mark, you were her assistant! You probably wrote most of it.

  • josephine

    i thought it was more revealing that he devoted so little space to remembering sean mckenna, whose early death was caused by his hunger strike in 1980 and so much on some character in america whom no-one has ever heard of but who had apparently lavished hospitality and praise on adams when he visited him in america – dead hunger strikers are two a penny but a family that can host him on his next trip to america, well that’s different, isn’t it?

  • Pete Baker


    You seem to have missed the significance of a blog, apparently written by Gerry Adams, using the line – “A source close to Sinn Féin tells me..”

  • kensei

    Tongue in cheek, or am I missing something?

  • you clearly haven’t heard the news

    Big Gezza has stepped down from politics to focus on “Adams 2.0”

    rebranding, chaps.

    A source close to Slugger O’Toole says he’s taking over from Mick…

  • Jimmy Sands

    Did Grisly make a funny?

  • josephine

    to pete – oh, oh, oh, was that a joke? – sorry, still don’t see it – its obvious this site is getting more and more hard up for half decent stories – most of it today is outside ireland – it has become boring – time to pack up and go home?

  • Nomad

    I don’t think this was blogged as being tongue in cheek… nor do I think Pete was cracking a joke, jospehine.

    Although “Adams'” piece is terribly written, and therefore almost impossible to understand, I think Pete is highlighting that it seems Belfast Media (or anyone really) wrote the piece, and not the Prez himself.

    As I say, though- I had trouble understanding it so I welcome correction..

  • DC

    They say language should be used to convey a message clearly, this is more proof of language being used to conceal for propaganda purposes.

    How surprising it’s from the Belfast Media and misleading their readers into thinking Adams was actually writing it.

    Nice. A readership of suckers.

  • Comrade Stalin

    It sounds like it might have been a joke, but one told in such a boring voice that it’s hard to tell.

  • William

    The blog is probably written by Grizly !!! Considering the Shinners have never been accurate, straight or honest about anything. In a country with any decency, most of terrorists would still be locked up, rather than having five of them inflicting their drivel / hypocrisy on the community by being considering worthy of being in an undemocratic enforced coalition.

    And please no nonsense about ‘mandate’ etc….HITLER ALSO HAD A MANDATE

  • dunreavynomore

    Newton Emerson really takes the micky out of Adams in today’s Irish News. “Uncle Gerry’s thinking is as woolly as his waistcoat” ids the heading and he heaps scorn on Adams’ writing either in books or on line but as per usual with Newton it is seriously smile raising stuff while also true.

  • circles

    I acually think you lot are the entire readership of this supposed Adams blog!
    Mr Emerson used to be excellent in the Portadown News days – then the tempting call of money and a regular column seemed to make him think he was worth taking seriously and he lost his edge. When I can muster up the nerve to read his stuff thse days I generally take a redner for him.

  • Euro Dept

    will this be as long running and tedious as Bairbre’s half made up diary for Daily Ireland? – remember how shit that was once you all got bored!)

    Posted by Mark McGregor on Jan 14, 2009 @ 09:36 PM

    Mark, Did you not work for Sinn Fein and Bairbre, during this time, or does that have to stay in the closet? It is important that you declare an interest when writing about Sinn Fein, otherwise talking out of the side of your mouth might sound like the rumblings of an disgruntled former member, with an axe to grind!

  • darth rumsfeld

    It’s a litle known fact that the Rumsfelds are in fact a sept of the McGregor clan, with unbounded admiration for Rob Roy’s war on chinless English kiltlifters. Even when portrayed by Big Liam with all the vivacity of a used caber.

    What is less well known, is that another sept of the McGregor clan is the Frazers, making Willie a way out(no snide comments here please) relation of the former Shinner spin doctor,lately of this parish, and hereby exclusively revealed as another ancestor-denying planter, along with Gerry and Danny Morrison.I think eirigi should be told….

  • Mark McGregor

    Euro Dept,

    I’m surprised any shinners would want to raise and discuss my time as an assistant (or in typical ridiculous grandiose SF speak ‘Political Advisor’) given winding me up to speak about a time I’ve never blogged about would almost inevitably lead to digging up some metaphorical bodies.


    As i’m not involved in any political group a discussion on my framily tree with anybody would be as pointless as your posting.

  • Mick Fealty

    Man playing lads. If we were to expect full disclosure from everyone on this blog, I’d fully expect a sullen silence to descend upon it.

    Now, back to porridge please!?

  • Dave

    Mick, that makes it sound more exciting than it probably is. I suspect there are more snap players than Vegas poker sharks. 😉

  • USA

    “A source close to Sinn Fein”

    Yes that phrase jumped out at me also when I read it. Taken in context I came to the conclusion that Gerry was making a funny.

  • USA

    A source close to Sinn Fein”

    Yes that phrase jumped out at me also when I read it. Taken in context I came to the conclusion that Gerry was making a funny.

    Maybe its a Freudian Slip and he really is that distant from the Sinn Fein mainstream.

  • dunreavynomore

    John O’C
    I’m with you on this one, 3 cheers for Freud.
    At Sean McKennna’s funeral in Louth the other week Gerry found himself in the unusual position of being ignored by a lot of republican/nationalist people, maybe that’s why he only mentioned poor Sean in passing in his blog.

  • latcheeco

    Interesting that the great duffle-coated one likes the democratic nature of blogs but party leadership elections… perhaps not so much. Or was that a joke too?
    It did seem like his hierarchy of grief was a bit strange.
    Chill bro.