Slugger’s Daily Blogburst…

Welcome to another of our occasional ‘daily’ events… Kicking off with Killian, who notes (rather than applies) the egg on Brendan O’Connor’s face now it seems house prices in the Republic may be set to fall by as much as 80% in value. He quotes the boul Brendan less than two years ago: “The smart, ballsy guys are buying up property right now”. Brendan has since lost his ‘op ed’ slot on the front page of the Sindo. Rough times ahead for those same ‘smart ballsy guys’ ahead then…- Maman is calling out the Junior Ministers to go and they just tumble out at her suggestion. Oh, the esoteric power of some women bloggers..

– With all the doom and gloom, Stephen responds to Michael Taft’s magnum opus on the need to shift economic thinking amongst politicians and policy makers to respond to the current crisis. His conclusion:

Our export markets have been uncompetitive for several years now. Only an decrease in the cost of doing business in Ireland (read: wage moderation for those who aren’t fired, emigration/retraining for those who are) will allow Ireland back into export markets in a sustainable manner. Policies to keep people in work are always preferable to keeping banks in business, at least politically if not economically.

The questions need to change: we need to stop advising the princes that a return to stability is possible in our small open economy, regulate and deregulate judiciously to allow the increase of certainty and price competition into our economy, and provide policies to get our workers back to work, rather than priming them for the boat.

– And Brendan Walsh adds his ha’pence worth on the idea that “wage cuts would be deflationary and employment-reducing”… That would be the Unions then Brendan?

– And from a particularly gloomy Burkean Corner a lament for the strange death of the neo liberal dream and memorable quote plucked from Larkin “We have had the boredom. Now it is time for the fear”…

– Horseman’s done some digging on yours truly (some bits true; and others, let’s say, a creative filling in of the public blanks). Anyway, cutting to the chase, his top tip for a leading new Westminster candidate for the Tories is: well, me. Thanks, erm, for the, eh, vote of, erm, confidence there Horse. I’ll be sure to pass it along to Campaign Headquarters at Millbank…

– O’Neill on Gerry and his refusal to do irony

Ignited has misgivings about the Tories call through Slugger for Catholic and women candidates. Roughly paraphrased it might be read as: those of ‘merit’ need not apply.

– Former Brown man Derek Draper has been a regular in Guido’s blog comments. Now he’s launched Labour List, a new Labour blog. Guido has posted a studio debate between Tim Montgomery (who knows what he’s talking about) and Derek (who’s site unfortunately crashed online)…

– Iain Dale points out that the problem may turn out to be a funding one. Starting out with high costs before you’ve demonstrated clear value to potential investors is possibly the wrong way round.

– Jon Worth wishes the project well, and whilst noting the deficit in current Labour offerings warns it must seek to connect…

– Nosemonkey’s pretty much had enough of political blogs:

Blogging is just a publishing medium. To say “blogging should be like this, not like that” is a nonsense, as blogging is about whatever individual bloggers want it to be. But blogs do have a brilliant ability to foster new communities, new relationships. Done right, they can bring people together to achieve great things, positive things. Political blogs are mostly about the negative – Melanie Phillips’ more than most.

– And lastly, Welsh blogger Simon welcomes Cameron’s proposed cull since it might finally convince Welsh Labour MPs that the time has come to relinquish their veto on change…

  • Files nails waiting for next target 🙂

  • … his top tip for a leading new Westminster candidate for the Tories is: well, me.

    Come on, Mick, you know you want it!

    I’m sure they’d love to have you.


  • frustrated democrat

    Is Ignited suggesting there are no Catholics or women of merit who would be capable of doing the job?

    I can think of a few that could.

    So it might be reasonable for the CU’s to look at those catergories, but ONLY once the merit principle has been established.

  • FD,

    No I am not suggesting that. I just don’t think it was necessary for Conservatives to announce something like that when surely a party’s democratic structures select the candidates!

    If someone is capable, talented and have the potential their religion or gender should not matter one iota.

  • Mick Fealty

    It should I, and I take your point about merit; but the truth is that if you don’t spend some time addressing the culture of a political party, you end up with male or single identity dominated representation (and I’m thinking about Britain here as much NI).

  • Rory Carr

    I hardly think that Mick will have the time to serve as a Tory candidate if the rumors currently sweeping London are true – that Spielberg is pursuing him for the lead role in his newest blockbuster, Slugger O’Toole – The Movie!.

    From Holywood to Hollywood in one giant leap!