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Justice catches up with the Love Ulster rioters

Danny Morrison on the impregnability of state secrets

– Jonathan Freedland: where Irish hope and history rhyme in the Middle East

Israeli workers tell of fear after eirigi protest in Belfast

– Lindy McDowell thinks it was sinister and low and shabby and truly scary

– Ed Curran questions the need for two Unionist parties

– And here’s the letter response led by David Simpson MP for Upper Bann

How the Irish Financial Services Regulatory Authority (Ifsra) failed

– Across the water, Danny Finklestein with some timely advice to Cameron

– But Chris Dillow doubts there will be enough elbow room for a future caring Tory PM to follow it

– The Telegraph loves Cameron’s idea of cutting the number of MPs; so why stop at 10%?

– And the Guardian reports a loss of confidence in politicians banks and markets in the UK

– And if you are feeling up to it, here’s a wee piece on the moral consequences of moral relativism

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