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Justice catches up with the Love Ulster rioters

Danny Morrison on the impregnability of state secrets

– Jonathan Freedland: where Irish hope and history rhyme in the Middle East

Israeli workers tell of fear after eirigi protest in Belfast

– Lindy McDowell thinks it was sinister and low and shabby and truly scary

– Ed Curran questions the need for two Unionist parties

– And here’s the letter response led by David Simpson MP for Upper Bann

How the Irish Financial Services Regulatory Authority (Ifsra) failed

– Across the water, Danny Finklestein with some timely advice to Cameron

– But Chris Dillow doubts there will be enough elbow room for a future caring Tory PM to follow it

– The Telegraph loves Cameron’s idea of cutting the number of MPs; so why stop at 10%?

– And the Guardian reports a loss of confidence in politicians banks and markets in the UK

– And if you are feeling up to it, here’s a wee piece on the moral consequences of moral relativism

  • Dave

    “It alleged that Stakeknife was really Scappaticci and that he was allowed by his British military intelligence handlers to capture and kill suspected informers (usually those whose usefulness to the state had expired) in order to maintain his cover within the IRA. Scap denied the charge but eventually fled Ireland when a secret recording from 1993 for ITV’s The Cook Report was aired, in which all who knew him recognised his voice and could hear him betraying former comrades.” – Danny Morrison

    What Danny Morrison should be asking himself is how many ‘death sentences’ that required a member of PIRA’s Army Council to approve came from PIRA’s ISU (100% controlled by British Intelligence) and if he, as it is alleged, was a member of PIRA’s Army Council at that time and was called to the house for that purpose, then how many did he okay? It is notable that he now seems to accept that Scappaticci is Shakefnife (when he has denied it previously), and that the function of the British Intelligence controlling the ISU is ensure that its agents within PIRA are not detected by that unit, so the question must be put to him: How many of the 60 or so PIRA members killed by Scappaticci and John Joe Magee were actually touts and how many was PIRA killing its own members to protect the useful agents higher up the chain of command? One thing is certain: Sinn Fein and PIRA were overun by British agents as their own means of detecting British agents was 100% controlled by British agents.

  • Morning Post…

    Why not just put a link to the Newshound on your blog?

    Oh, wait …..

  • Rory Carr

    I must say that I was struck by the apparent harshness of sentencing doled out to those convicted of involvement in the Love Ulster rioting – 6 years for throwing scaffolding at Gardaí; 4 years for an attack on a journalist.

    It is not that I am defending such actions on behalf of protestors but am rather comparing the sentencing to that which might be expected to be meted out in England and Wales for similar offences. I would think it most unlikely that here they would attract sentences of more than two years.

    It seems as though the Irish state are sending out a clear message of intent to deal robustly with intolerable dissident activity which I should have thought would find favour with northern Unionists (though I wouldn’t hold me breath on that).

    If however it is the intention to deal as robustly with all equally robust social dissent they may find that their penal system may become incapable of coping as the recession deepens. Still, there’s always the Curragh.

  • Mick Fealty


    I used NH to source some of these. But John would have covered less than half of these. I’ll play about with the proportions in future compilations.

    It’s an experiment prompted by a suggestion from a long term reader.

  • Mick,

    I fear you may be headed towards overload on this site. Each separate thread is based around a single story, and there are usually quite a few on the go at one time. At least, though, the debates are kept slightly apart. What you risk doing with a ‘Newshound-style’ thread is mixing a dozen different things – debate on the thread would become confusing and hard to follow, and I suppose the other bloggers would pick up on anything interesting in a fuller way, so it would render the ‘morning news’ a bit irrelevant.

    Seriously, Newshound does the job already. And it does it very well. So maybe you should keep doing what you do, instead of invading John’s turf?

  • Rory Carr

    And a wortwhile experiment too, Mick, if may say so, which allows Sluggerites user-friendly access and an opportunity to comment upon the items featured.

    Which brings me to éirigí and Lindy McDowell. I fear that McDowell was being disingenuous in her assumption that the attack on the beauty products stall was motivated by the ethnicity of the stall workers, which ethnicity may not have been obvious, but rather a rage at the display of Israeli goods on offer. Having said that I do find that the attack was mean, cowardly and vicious and that being so, éirigí have none but themselves to blame that such an interpretation can be placed upon their actions. They seem to have learned nothing from their earlier disgraceful protest at Queen Elizabeth II’s participation in the Maundy Thursday religious ceremony in Armagh last year.

  • 6countyprod

    Rory, I’m glad you ‘find that the attack was mean, cowardly and vicious’.

    It was also hate-filled and racist. But I suppose that doesn’t matter, they are only Jews, right, Rory?

  • J O’Donovan

    Danny Morrison is yesterday’s man. He worked for an MI5 counter gang which is now propping up British rule in the 6 cos.

    The Israeli students should f-k off back to Palestine if they are so sensitive to democracy. Note the News Letter referring to 20 people as a mob. The News Letter and Mossad make fine bedfellows. Well done the protesters.

  • the future’s bright, the future’s orange

    ‘The Israeli students should f-k off back to Palestine if they are so sensitive to democracy. ‘

    lovely… brits out, israeli’s out, who’s next?

  • Rory Carr

    I am not in a position to read the minds and emotional state of the protestors, 6 County prod, so therefore I cannot say if it was “hate-filled”. And since the condition of Jewishness can be defined by religion and culture it is not defined by race, so it cannot be “racist”.

    I would and do condemn any attacks on anyone by virtue of their religion or culture and that would most assuredly include attacks on Jews as I would have thought my earlier remarks made glaringly clear. Though perhaps that should be “blindingly clear” as you appear to have been blinded by my clarity.

  • Mick Fealty


    I can live with that. It’s only one or two threads a day (if that at the moment). If it gets to be a real problem we can suspend commenting on them.

    But I am hoping we’ll be in a position to announce some substantial changes to the way we run the site, soon…

  • It’s only one or two threads a day (if that at the moment).

    There are eight so far today, and there were twelve yesterday. That’s 20 new threads in two days. It’s hard enough to keep up, even without your hydra-thread.

  • Mick Fealty

    Think how many we’ve saved you from ploughing through by aggregating these in one post. 😉

    Seriously, people in a hurry don’t have time to comment. It was one such reader who requested something of the like.

  • joeCanuck

    Perhaps when Mr. Curran has succeeded in resurrecting the Unionist Party monolith, he could the turn his attention to persuading the croppies to lie down again. Then everything would be truly hunky dory.
    All together now for a chorus. “Those were the days my friends, we thought they’d never end…..”