“The trial was adjourned until tomorrow.”

Further snippets, this time from the testimony of the other alleged victim – a “Limerick-born company chief” who also cannot be named “for legal reasons” – in the ongoing IRA extortion trial. From the Belfast Telegraph report

The businessman – who agreed he not only loaned company cars out to Sinn Fein officials visiting Britain during the Good Friday Agreement negotiations but personally drove Mr Adams around London – insisted there was no truth in the allegations levelled against him and his partner, a former Sinn Fein supporter.

“I was very scared. I had no idea what these individuals were on about except the supposition that somebody was trying to extort money from me because of my business and some grievance somebody had with me. “We had absolutely no idea how serious these people were. We had to assume they were entirely serious and that our lives and the lives of our families were in danger.”

Also in the report

The next call, from someone with a Northern Ireland accent, accused him of “extorting a lot of money” using the IRA’s name.

Following a series of exchanges, the caller told him: “You have looked after them, (your business partner’s) looked after them as well.”

After asking if he was talking about Mr Adams, the businessman explained: “I drove for a short period for … Adams over here, in a normal capacity as part of the peace process. That’s the only contact I’ve had. I do not know that man personally.”

The caller then suggested he contact Pat McGee, the Brighton bomber, who he referred to as “a party”, before continuing: “Pat will be talked to tonight as well like, you know what I mean, we’re telling you what to do, right? OK?”