Newton Emerson lets rip on Ulster-Scots.

Irish News columnist Newton Emerson has launched a scathing attack on the Ulster-Scots agency and the Ulster-Scots ‘language’. Newton’s views on the subject are somewhat less charitable than my own.Wha’ A cannae unnerstaun at aw is but fur why tha magazine is screeved in tha Inglis leid an nae in guid oul braid scotch. Dae thems tha wurks fur tha bord nae knae tha thar nae daen nae favours for thems tha’ spake hamely at aw wi’ this way a’ wurkin?

A mane, cud they nae hae tryed fur t’ screev mure tha tha wan thang? Gie me a shoot yis boys yis an A’ll screeve yis up a thang nor twa!