Badger Expert Speaks Out.

Over at the Gaelic News service An Druma Mór Nuacht, which has recently launced a pdf. version of itself, badger expert Dr. Pól Mac Cana has revealed some strong opinions on the coming Badger Cull.Hopefully, a translation will appear somewhere in the near future, but for those not fluent in Irish I will translate a snippet or two …

de réir na taighde eolaíochta de ar a bhfuil piarmheasúnú déanta – agus sin 30 bliain taighde ar Eitinn vs. Broic – agus tar éis na milliúin punt á gcaitheamh ar an cheist seo, níl aon fhianaise dhocht dhaingean eolaíochta ann chun an locht nocht a chur ar chloigeann an bhroic go lom trom.

‘according to peer reviewed scientific research – and that is thirty years worth on badgers v. tuberculosis – and after millions of pounds being spent on this question, there exists no firm scientific evidence to put the the blame on the badger clearly and decievely.

A bheag nó a mhór, tá Michelle agus Sammie a rá: “Breast ar loighic; breast ar an eolaíocht; breast ar ainmhithe; breast ar airgead an ghnáthdhuine. Gheobhaidh mé tuilleadh vótaí agus tuilleadh kudos as tanú na mbroc. Is cuma faoi leathnú na faidhbe ná rud ar bith”

“Basically, Michelle and Sammy are saying : ‘to hell with logic, to hell with science, to hell with animals, to hell with the man in the street’s money. I will get more votes and more kudos from a badger cull. The worsening of the problem is irelevant’ “.

Strong views, I am inclined to agree as far as my biology qualifications allow. In Sammy’s defence, he could hardly be called a fan of science.


    I’m more of a beaver man myself.

  • Gael gan Náire


    Great contribution.


    Chill out GgN, just trying to add some humour to a currently humourless world. Actually it is a disgrace what is being proposed. The killing of 100’s of badgers is purely economic and solely to placate the farmimg community. As you say there have been numerous studies done and no direct link to badgers and the spread of TB. The badger is the scapegoat and this seems like an excuse to kill it off because it just annoys the farmers full stop. If it wasn’t the TB link it would be some other excuse. I think the Executive’s Green credentials and environmental concerns are quite shocking.