“You could be part of the historic events you made possible.”

Smooth transition or not, Mickey Kaus has a question for the US President-elect – “Will Obama ever stop asking me for money?”

As if Obama’s campaign thinks his supporters are not only suckers, but a particular type of sucker–the type of sucker who contributes because of the tiny chance of striking it rich.

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  • NCM

    I contributed and now I get these damn emails every day from the Obama campaign. This only confirms that I made a big mistake in the first place. Should have spent my money on beer. Far more productive use.

  • Gregory

    The porn industry wants Obama to bung them a few billion.

    Porn Moguls Seek Bailout Cash
    By Kathleen Gilbert

    January 8, 2009 (LifeSiteNews.com) – Two leaders in the pornography industry have written to Congress asking for 5 billion dollars to help ease the damage done to the 13-billion dollar business by a struggling economy.


    That Belfast thing in 2005, is also going to result in a separate approach ( to Obama) by the ASACP porn cartel.

    The democrats (in Chicago) are therefore (still) trying to clarify exactly what ASACP was doing in Belfast with the NCIS.

    The porn people are asking Obama for cash and for an end to prosecutions.

    Maybe they’ll move to Ireland, I don’t think Poland is interested.


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  • NCM

    “Porn” and “stimulus package”… talk about a double entendre.

  • actually i watch NCIS more often than CSI, NCIS offers more drama and have great characters compared to CSI”~`