Belfast Israeli supporter says he was threatened with arrest by the PSNI.

Radio Caller:

I responded to the call on BBC television by a very nice young lady who said there would be a peaceful candlelit procession from clonard Monastery to the city hall in support of the citizens of Gaza. Now I went along. I’m a supporter of the Israeli standpoint, I went along expecting it to be completely non political, non sectarian situation. When I arrived there at the city hall, I arrived quite early. I noticed several Palestinian flags on Display. Now because I had been at anorher event I had an Israeli flag in my car. Now I went back and got that flag.
I waited until the procession came along and the flags were still being displayed . Now I was there primarly in support of what this organisation was putting forward, that the citizens of Gaza are being victimized. Now they’re being victimized by Hamas, and when the Palestinian flags were produced I produced my Israeli flag. Now I was dragged by the PSNI to the side and the flag was taken off me and I was threatened with arrest.

(More from the caller in the audio/vid.)