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Kicking off with Alan Ahern’s thoughts on Ireland’s Painful Adjustment. Needless to say, he reckons the prospects aren’t good: “…recovery will be complicated by the depressing effects of the “interest rate channel” of adjustment. Deflation implies high real interest rates, which will further depress domestic demand, assets prices, and the property market.” In this respect, Ireland sounds a lot like Spain:

…now that the housing market has collapsed and credit flows have dried up, Spain must adapt fast. In the old days, that would have meant devaluing the peseta to keep exports competitive; today, inside the eurozone, the only remedies are to be found in the real economy through greater efficiency and reduced demand – in short, unemployment and recession, something Dominic Bryant, an economist at BNP Paribas, calls “the painful adjustment”.

– Stephen helpfully points to Alan’s next gig on the topic of Economic Pain

– Michael Taft warns that without a substantial fiscal stimulus, the Republic is heading into a prolonged period where more and more Irish people simply will not have any money to spend. I’d guess the out migration has already started if the growing number of ‘fresh’ Irish accents returning to the employ of London Underground is anything to go by; only now they are pot bellied and middle aged…

– Good news is that Tomaltach’s period out of work has come to an end

– The Unemployed on the other hand is still Unemployed (sort of) and is ripping about Bev Flynn (H/T Mamam Poulet). S/he buys the legitimacy of Flynn’s ‘excuse’, but not when there’s a recession on (So, it’s off with her head then? – ed)…

– Horseman has scraped some figures from the latest report employment patterns from the Equality Commission that show a substantially evening out in the figures of Catholics and Protestants has taken place since 1990… He points at the effects of differential retirement rates will have (something largely ignored in previous treatments by nationalist politicians as an inconvenient truth in the disparities up to now). But what effect will the recession have on those figures?

– Conall reprints his Irish News piece on the challenges and opportunities that new media poses for PR

– And Liverpool Irishman Ged Carroll has some similar thoughts:

Participation in social media requires a shift in thinking. Clients need to reorient themselves around creating an ongoing relationship with customers rather than hitting them with periodic campaigns. They also must work through the uncertainties of allowing “untrained” marketers within their companies participate in shaping their brands.

– And, hey, what about that all important DUP selection meeting? Well, according to Ignited, it looks like terminal indecision. Or possibly the biggest quietest cat fight in history, with each prospective candidate roaring to the heavens: it ain’t going to be me!

– And from the indespensible Staff at Bobballs, more spot the Press Release as Journalism at the Newsletter… Hey guys, just wait till they bring this little dooberry out over here. Spinspotter‘s a great way of showing you care about journalistic short cuts and sleights of hand. For now it only works on Firefox, and only in the States. But it should make spin spotting much more productive, and fun…

  • Mick,

    … (H/T Mamam Poulet). S/he buys the legitimacy …

    Unwittingly your political correctness is quite funny. I would have thought that the ‘maman’ in ‘maman poulet’ would have given it away, but obviously French isn’t your strong point.

    Let me quote from Maman Poulet’s own blog, to help you remove that unnecessary slash mark in ‘s/he’:

    I am heading off tomorrow to continue to be a lesbian. I don’t mean just by spending time with my lover, or organising that my cat gets minded, or marching in North West Pride slightly nervous remembering my first pride march 14 years ago. And I don’t only refer to those conversations I will have with friends over the weekend about my life, their news, our stories, or dancing at a disco where I will be with other ‘aliens’ either. In fact in being a lesbian I mean all parts of my life, how I work, play, love, think, these are all part of being a lesbian and not just whom I love or are attracted to.

  • Horseman – I read that as Mick referring to “the Unemployed”, not MP who I’m pretty sure Mick has met in his travels!

  • Mick

    Spot on Mark!

  • … I read that as Mick referring to “the Unemployed”, not MP …

    I guess you could be right, Mark, but in my pedantic mind ‘the unemployed’ are always plural. Now if he’d said ‘The Unemployed Blog’ it would hve been clearer.

    Plus, the Unemployed blogger is clearly Damien Foley, who I assume Mick knows to be a ‘he’ …

  • Mick Fealty


    Can you take me through, step by step, how you came to conclude I had said what you think I’d said?

    Semantically, I’m not the most precise blogger in the world, but reading it back that seems pretty obvious to me.

  • Mick Fealty

    Just got the journalisted reference.

  • Mick Fealty

    Just got the journalisted reference.

  • Mick

    [Taps foot impatiently before going to bed…]

  • Hello, Mick! I’m the Community Manager at SpinSpotter. Thanks for the shout! Looks like you’ve got quite a knack for de-spinning the news. Shoot me an email if you’re interested in chatting about ways we could support each other.