Irish Blog Awards: nominations open…

Right, count down to Cork has already begun… I’m sure there’s no truth in the rumour that Damien has decamped to Cork Airport just to shake us Nordies off the trail… Anyway there are plenty of good Irish blogs out there this year to fill the nomination slots… One of the most recent is this impressive group blog of eminent Irish economists… if ever politics was subservient to the needs of economics it is now… Stephen Kinsella should be in with a shout, as should the nerveless Gerard O’Neill who has made a stunning entry into the Irish blogosphere. And, Killian Forde has got to be in with a shout for the political blog of the year, who blogs with a great mix of seriousness and humour (and he’s one of your actual politicians)… Good luck too to the boys at CLR one of our favourite southern watering holes… Northern blogs we like, but which may not find favour with the southern panel are, of course, Chekov; O’Neill and Burke’s Corner. Conall Street is a crosser of borders as is Splintered Sunrise… And Malcolm Redfellow ought to get a mention too… And one of the few Northern MLAs to take the whole blog things seriously (sorry Gerry, you’re not long enough with us yet to tell), Daithi McKay could do with a shout…

  • GGN

    Well I am still waiting for my prize from last year …

  • Northern blogs we like, but which may not find favour with the southern panel are of course Chekov; O’Neill and Burke’s Corner

    To be fair to the jury, mine was one of those nominated for “Best Newcomer” last year. Didn’t win it, but I think that was a quality (as opposed to political) judgement!!

  • dunreavynomore

    Had a look at Daithi’s site and found it interesting but saw a picture of a banner asking people to ‘ MOILLIGH SÍOS SLOW DOWN ÓGRA SHINN FÉIN’.What speed were the Ógra doing?

  • You have my nomination for the politics blog this year O’Neill. And that is what really counts. 😉

  • And I think you’re great too Chekov;)

  • William
  • Mick Fealty

    I mention David every year William, and he’s never entirely happy about it… Though never rude about it either…

  • CW

    A shameless self-plug here, but any nominations for The Dreaming Arm under “Best Humour Blog” would be much appreciated!

  • CW

    PS – the address is:

  • William

    Mick…I was referring to your post when you mentioned suitable nominees, not to any previous references….in my humble opinion, ATW is superior to any of those you mentioned…more broadbased than even Slugger and with a more international group of contributors….but that is only my view. In my heart I know ATW / David Vance wouldn’t have a chance of winning a blogging award, as he is an unashamed, uncompromising, unapologetic Unionist….

  • slug

    As I have said before, two of my favourite Irish blogs are:

    3000 Versts of Loneliness
    Your Friend in the North

    They have in common that they are both great writers, with an obvious flair and love for writing.

  • slug


    I agree that David Vance runs a very consistent blog over there with an amazing number of entries each day for years and years. How does he do it.

    I like David Vance though I am not really a political bedfellow. He is very straight and honest about what he thinks and often he says things others wouldn’t, which is refreshing.

  • CW

    PPS – Somewhat off topic here but, what does anyone think of the young lad who’ll be playing the new Dr Who? A bad choice, in my opinion – much too young and inexperienced, plus he just doesn’t look the part.

    Actually, there is a tenuous link to Northern Ireland here, as James Nesbitt was apparently in the running for the role. An Irish Dr Who would certainly be interesting! Personally, I think Ardal O’Hanlon would have made a good Doctor.

  • sake what has the North’s preeminent waiter based blog got to do to get a mention…….hehehehehe

  • Seeing as CW and Manuel have gone in for shameless plugging for the music category look no further than… and look out for an exclusive interview with Stiff Little Finger’s Jake Burns later this week. Ha! Self promotion, we rockers can do that…good luck to all us ‘Nordies’!

  • RepublicanStones

    I doubt very much whether Mr Vance would be happy to entered into the IRISH Blog Awards. Nor do I think the organisers would wish to associate themselves with some of the unsavoury opinions the site espouses. Having said that, I too think its excellent and a little more of a gloves off affair than Slugger. And amazingly I agree with William ref its broad appeal. Of those mentioned Chekov and O’Neill’s are worthy of mention. United Irelander is good, but unfortunately rarely updated. As blogs go, Im a bit of a philistine with only Slugger and ATW my regular punching bags.

  • Mick Fealty

    Very good lads; but make sure you make your nominations on the Blog Awards site too…

    That’s chaotic; but class, Mr Fillet…

  • &Mick;chaos? I must have served you sometime….

  • Thanks for the mention Mick. I am indeed on the crossborder postal tariff thing today!

    Here’s hoping these are properly all island awards this year.


  • Mark McGregor

    IIRC I mentioned welldonefillet during the Slugger Award nominations. If there’s an appropriate category I’ll be nominating him and Nelly’s Garden in this.

  • Mick,

    Northern blogs we like, but which may not find favour with the southern panel are, of course, Chekov; …

    You could help, then, by fixing the incorrect HTML in your blogroll that means that anyone clicking on Chekov’s blog gets a ‘The webpage cannot be found’ message:

    You have:

    I mention David every year …

    Maybe, but here also your HTML is faulty, and you have:

    If I’m the first person to draw your attenion to these faults (which have been on Slugger for a long time), then either no-one uses your blogroll, or no-one is interested in the sites you like!

  • Horseman – I’ve contacted Mick about this a couple of times. There is an extra / at the end of the address.