“around the same time the Sun will die..”

At the Guardian’s Science blog, Bill McGuire of the Hazard Research Centre at University College London answers the question “What are the chances of a devastating supervolcano in Yellowstone?”. There have been rumblings at the caldera.. Thankfully the chances are low, for now. But it will almost certainly occur before we, as in the Milky Way galaxy, collide with neigbourly Andromeda, even if that prospect has been brought forward significantly following a recalculation of the mass of the Milky Way – using the telescopes in the Very Long Baseline Array. And apparently we’re spinning around much faster than previously thought.. [That’ll be why you feel dizzy – Ed]. Professor Gerry Gilmore explains further. [mp3 file]

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  • Rory Carr

    Pete, this is all very good but I am not so sure that I want to be told that there is a possibility that I may be shortly engulfed in some cataclysm over which I have no control. It tends to put me off me dinner.

    On the other hand it allows one to thrill vicariously at the experience of those citizens of Gaza who had those charming text warnings from the IDF, “Hi guys! We’re coming to blow the shit outa you and your wives and babes. Love from your neighbours. xxx”.