New Joint committee for Tories and UUP…

The Ulster Unionist and Conservative Parties have just announced their joint Committee for the enforcement oversight of the Memorandum of Understanding last November…From the Tories and the UUs:

The Conservative Party and Ulster Unionist Party have appointed the members of the Joint Committee they agreed to establish when both parties endorsed a Memorandum of Understanding on November 20th.

The Joint Committee will, as a matter of priority, bring forward proposals on manifesto commitments, branding of joint candidates and candidate selection procedures. The Committee will report by the end of January latest for ratification by both parties.

The Conservative Party members are: Owen Paterson MP (Shadow Secretary of State for Northern Ireland), Neil Johnston (Conservatives NI Chairman), Jeffrey Peel (Conservatives NI Vice Chairman) and Paul Megarity (Chairman, North Down Conservatives).

The UUP members are: Lord Maginnis, Danny Kennedy MLA, David Campbell (UUP Chairman) and Cllr. Mark Cosgrove (UUP Treasurer)

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