“I and my Administration have acted properly in all matters..”

The Blagojevitch “pay-to-play” saga rumbles on, as law professors differ on the constitutional position of the Democratic Senators’ intended vetoing of Blagojevitch’s appointment of Roland Burris to replace Barack Obama in the Senate. Meanwhile the President-elect’s nominee for Secretary of Commerce, Governor Bill Richardson of New Mexico, has withdrawn his name from that process due to a federal grand jury investigation into “how a California company that contributed to Mr. Richardson’s political activities won a lucrative New Mexico state contract.” From the New York Times report

A person familiar with the proceedings has told The Associated Press that the grand jury is looking into possible “pay-to-play” dealings between CDR Financial Products and someone in a position to push the contract through with the state of New Mexico.

Adds Via the Professor, “Boy, with this, Blagojevich, etc., this Obama “honeymoon” is looking kinda rocky”, more on Gov Richardson and the investigation in New Mexico.