Gaza: the death or birth of political moderation?

Over at the Guardian I’ve a posted on the Gaza crisis. Well, not exactly the Gaza crisis so much as the lack of political will on both sides to bring the the whole of problem of Israel/Palestine to an equitable solution. Both sides share a single problem: both are stuck in fundamentalist mode; without the least thought about how to get to that solution. The inuring to death on both sides is familiar to those of us in Northern Ireland who lived through the worst years of the Troubles. Afterwards it put me in mind of the words of an old friend and poet Phil Whitfield who was at the time of writing a young British Army doctor with the troops who liberated the death camp at Bergen Belsen:

Death of one is the death of all.
It is not the dead I pity.

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  • Greenflag

    6countyprod ,

    ‘In practice, ‘he that is not with me is against me. ‘

    Nonsense . You are putting forward what’s known as a ‘false dilemma ‘ or false alternatives viewpoint .If the entire world was either Israeli or Palestinian you might have a point . In ‘practice ‘ the world is made up of a lot more people than just Israelis and Palestinians . Probably 99.99% of the worlds population are neither Israeli nor Palestinian .

    There are many other options . One is called ‘neutrality’ . You may have heard of it although with your eye for an eye biblical philosophy you may have been blinded by such a complication to the ‘black and white ‘ world in which you appear to reside . I believe Sweden and Switzerland are long term practitioners of the ‘neutrality ‘ option and the Irish Republic is reputedly in theory if not in actual practice ‘neutral’ at least up to the point when we can discern who’s going to win 🙁 .

  • Jimmy Sands

    “You should consider yourself very fortunate that your useful idiot forbears in WW2 did not prevail”

    Who’s going to break the news to David that the genocidal rightwing headbangers actually lost?

  • Jimmy Sands

    “there is an underlying assumption that the ‘blockade’ is the cause of the ghettoisation of Gaza”

    There is? Amongst whom?

    Let me know when you’ve finished moving those goalposts.

  • ken

    All Israel has to do to solve the problem is obey UN resolutions and give back the land they stole in 1967.
    Israel is a rogue state. They ban foreign camera crews so that they can slaughter women and children. I cannot understand how my fellow unionists can support national terrorism. The Palestinians are allowed no human rights, their economy is destroyed by the Israeli oppressors and the Zionist dominated Republican party in USA are the bully boys sponsoring it all. How many people here would endure what the Palestinians have endured without retaliating?
    The Americans are simply laying up more trouble for themselves and like its President are too thick to understand.

  • HeadTheBall

    Not quite on topic but, I think, relevant.

    I read recently that the Israeli-Arab birthrate solidly exceeds the Israeli-Jewish equivalent (anyone got any source/comment on this?). A stated consequence was that: “A future Israel can remain Jewish or democratic, but not both.” What impact would this have on the Palestinians’ situation?

    Would the statement: “A future N Ireland can remain British or democratic, but not both” strike any chords?

  • HeadTheBall

    Sorry. Should have said: “…on the Palestinians’ situation and the general prospects for peace”

  • NP


  • Jo

    Am I the only one to think that the only reason Mick allows David Vance to post here is to provoke posts pointing out his bigotry and racism? Surey Slugger can host debate without this mans views Even Nolan has agreed that presenting this mans views is not appropriate as he has no support whatsover?

    I have no issue with views of a right wing nature I have issues when someone who is paid through the licence fee on the BBC achieves that through incitement to hatred.

  • Prionsa Eoghan

    Makes you wonder alright Jo.

  • bertie

    Good to see that the minority view is allowed expression. God forbid we get to the point where only those views with support get aired.

    I presumed that the reason any of us is allowed to post as long is that Mick welcomes all views or should I have put this opinion to the electorate before being allowed to post it 🙂

  • Comrade Stalin

    David is pretty much the definition of a hit-and-run troll. He posts his bile and after a couple of responses, usually ignoring any direct questions put to him, he dashes off saying words to the effect of “I’ve had enough of the liberal lefties for today”. The temptation to get drawn in is almost overwhelming.

    You can bet that David loves being controversial and loves being talked about.

  • Comrade Stalin


    As I tried (patiently) to point out to the thickoes (no names mentioned) states = borders = ‘blockades’ = penury.

    That’s a compelling argument for a federal European superstate.

  • 6cp

    The IDF is gradually achieving its goal of depleting the ability of Hamas to attack the civilian population north of Gaza.

    Unfortunately it will do little to eliminate the Oldest Hatred.

    PS Maybe DV thinks that he has wasted enough time on some of you guys.

  • Comrade Stalin,

    Just a few points.

    First off, unlike you, I put my name to my posts. If you can ever find the guts to do likewise, we can then better determine who the troll is.

    Second, whilst engaging with the Slugger proHAMAS fedayeen is entertaining, I have two busy blogs to cover and a book to write so you must excuse my tardiness.

    Third, with over 300 Hamas terrorists killed by the wonderful IDF/IAF, entire Hamas battalions wiped off the face of the earth, I’d say things are going just fine. Even better, looks like things are going to be intensified.

    Still, in response I see we had the shoe throwers out in force today.

    Go Israel.

  • Jo


    I hope your book sells as well as the last one did.


  • Cheers Jo – there will be some signed copies available when it’s launched in London so I’m guessing you are angling for one of those, but I cannot allow favouritism, that would be unfair. Hope you understand.

    Au revoir