Sinn Fein-IRA seek truce in 1978?

“A document from 10 Downing Street released to the UK National Archives under the 30-year rule claims that the IRA sent a message through an intermediary “to the effect that it was time to talk and end the present violence”

An article in the Irish Times reports that Sinn Fein sought peace talks with the British Government in early 1978. The information released under the thirty-year rule suggest that the IRA were sending out messages for a truce.

Republican, Ruairí Ó Brádaigh has rejected the claims however.

  • Ulsters my homeland

    “[i]that the IRA sent a message through an intermediary”[/i]

    What’s the odds it was Priest? (any chance these less than perfect people can have a thread dedicated to them?)

  • Ulsters my homeland

    Ó Brádaigh said: “but I believe that if it existed at all it was the work of some self-appointed ‘well-wisher’ and had no basis in fact.”

    Here, Here, Ó Brádaigh. Whoever it was, was a traitor, probably a young traitor, who liked to write poems

  • Sneakers O’Toole

    UMH talks sense. The priests who tried to speed the end of the troubles by passing messages between the IRA and British Government can’t be criticised enough.

    Unless you’re sane, or not bigoted.

    If you’re neither of these then finding a way to criticise people who hoped to save lives, even in a thread where they weren’t mentioned at all, would come quite naturally.

  • Ulsters my homeland

    The self confessed poetic young IRA man (who would become the glue between world wide democracy and terrorism) is a hero….is he not?

  • Ulsters my homeland

    I predict that slugger will introduce a magazine.

  • What’s the odds it was Priest?

    What’s the odds you’ll never ever make a post on Slugger that fails to showcase your eye-popping anti-Catholic bigotry?

  • Ulsters my homeland

    Sammy Morse, I have always shown sympathy towards Catholics and if I’m anti anything it’s anti Popery/ anti Vatican.

    The individual Catholic has been hoodwinked for 2 millennium by the church of Rome and it’s Priests. The ordinary Catholic has been conditioned with the threat of Ecclesiastical Censures and spiritual damnation so they become subjected to Vatican authority and the Pope.

    I long to see the day when this island rids itself of the plague and cult that is Roman Catholicism. When you’ve seen first hand like I have the physical and mental damage that the church of Rome has inflicted upon it’s people, you’ll begin to understand why I oppose it at every chance I get. If you think that makes me an eye-popping anti-Catholic bigot, so be it, I can’t change how you perceive me.

  • cynic


    Look on the positive side. At least he only blames the Pope and the Church and doesn’t think the Priests are getting their orders direct from Beelzebub. That’s a step forward

  • Gregory

    “The individual Catholic has been hoodwinked for 2 millennium by the church of Rome and it’s Priests.”

    We were a state religion, subject to the misfortunes of the empire which adopted us.

    The Pope didn’t always make the right decisions, backing Phocas for example,

    Maurice was the only emperor capable of keeping the east Latin and the Danube as a frontier.

    ‘Phocas was captured and brought before Heraclius, who asked, “Is this how you have ruled, wretch?” Phocas replied, “And will you rule better?” Enraged, Heraclius personally killed and beheaded Phocas on the spot. Phocas’s body was mutilated, paraded through the capital, and burned.’

    Even exceptionally gifted emperors such as Heraclius, would struggle thereafter.

    The Muslims (in their turn) knew it (success) was going to be quite possible.

    “I long to see the day when this island rids itself of the plague and cult that is Roman Catholicism.”

    Have you thought of joining Amnesty NI? They might throw in a bus holiday to Riga.

    Phocas ( BTW) had the last imperial monument in the forum at Rome.

    Still there.

  • Ulsters my homeland

    Gregory, is you’re defense is based on the incompetence of individual Popes and not the creation of infallible Popes? is this your claim?