Independent TD Tony Gregory dies, aged 61

South of the Border, Independent TD Tony Gregory has died at the age of 61.

  • GGN

    Go raibh sè san àit a ba mhaith leis a bheith in èineacht leis na daoine a bhfuil cion aige orthu.

    Go n-èirì an bòthar leis.

  • Republic of Connaught

    Tony Gregory was a tireless worker for the under priveleged in Dublin and as honourable a TD and servant of the people as the dail has seen.


  • A fine and honourable man.


  • It was Sammy Mc Nally what done it

    Unfortunately for Tony his socialist ideas that many of us thought were debunked and passed their sell by date will be back on the ROI agenda and he wont now be around to influence events.

    Will be an interesting by-election with FF under serious pressure and presumably big shove by Labour and Mary Lou.

  • Jimmy Sands

    A sad loss, i know he was very highly regarded even amongst those who would share his politics. Shame about propping up CJH though.

    As for the by-election (and the body not even cold, I know) with Mcdonald set to lose her Euro seat, this would seem to provide her with a face saving excuse not to defend it.

  • andy

    A great guy – as ROC said a tireless defender of the under-priveleged – and indeed of unpopular points of view.

    Rest in Peace

  • CS Parnell

    Do we really think he was a tireless defender of the underprivileged? Have to say propping up the most corrupt liar since DeV doesn’t strike me as all that (and at least DeV was not corrupt for the sake of lining his pocket).

    Lots of leftist rhetoric does not a workers and small holders republic make.

  • GGN


    Just want to register my distate with the above post.

  • Quagmire

    A sad loss for Irish politics. RIP Tony.

    Bugsy Malone, a little decorum and respect please. The man is dead for God’s sake.

  • dunreavynomore

    CS Parnell
    “(and at least dev was not corrupt for the sake of lining his pocket)”, Does the saga of how his family came to own the Irish press despite the cries of those, mostly working class Irish in the U.S.A, who had backed it with their own money ring any bells?

    Gregory worked hard for his people even if it meant propping up Haughey and in the process he delivered some improvements for those people.Tht is how he saw his job!

    Post 8 is uncalled for.

  • CS Parnell

    I was indeed referring to the Irish Press.

    But I think he did that so the legions of the rearguard would get themselves a paper, and a source of money, not simply that he would make himself a mint – a la that odious little creep Haughey.

    Happy to be corrected if you can show otherwise.

    Nothing excuses propping up that scumbag Haughey though.

  • CS Parnell

    By the way, my advice remains: don’t feed the troll.

  • tribute

    Great tribute piece on RTE

  • tribute

    S’pose would help if I posted the link…

  • Mark McGregor


    I don’t see how ML could benefit from this, things may be bad for FF at the moment but it’s need one hell of a swing and her picking up all Tony’s vote to make her a possible winner in what will be FPTP.

    She’ll lose the bye-election and then her European seat imo. That should be the star so tarnished we’ll not hear much of her ever again.

  • CS Parnell

    It’s not FPTP, it’s alternative vote, so the winning candidate will have to get 50% + 1. Can FF really get 50% + 1 anywhere?

    Of course McDonald would have to make it to the final two and given how transfer repellent SF are I cannot see that happening.

  • dublinsfsupporter


    “She’ll lose the bye-election and then her European seat imo. That should be the star so tarnished we’ll not hear much of her ever again. ”

    Nonsense. Mary Lou is a rising star and excelled in the Lisbon campaign. She has made a real mark and is now a household name. Her chances in both contests have been boosted by the Lisbon referendum in which she played the lead part for Sinn Féin and the NO campaign was ultimately successful.She is the opposite of tarnished.

  • sonofstan

    It’s Labour’s for the taking, I think.

  • Wonderwhy

    Guys seriously, Mary Lou isn’t going to take it.

    Now if the shinners had any sense they would run your man Nikcy Kehoe who had actually built a profile in the area before Mary Lou was parachuted in.

    Although seriously, Gregory is barely cold in his grave, maybe wait a couple of days before discussing how to replace him

  • Ri Na Deise


    One of the very few good guys involved in politics. A true Irish socialist.

  • Greenflag

    A sad loss for Dublin Central . Would any of the better housing have been built for the inner city folks had Tony not done a deal with Haughey ? Probably not . Tony Gregory actually cared about the people he represented which is more than can be said for many other fat arsed politicos in the Dail:)
    One does not have to agree with the man’s politics to pay tribute to the work he did on behalf of his constituents . Probably the longest serving independent in the Dail iirc .

    RIP . Tony ‘dacent Dub ‘ Gregory .

  • Jimmy Sands


    I wasn’t trying to suggest she’d win the seat, simply that if she fights it, it may provide cover for her not contesting the Euro seat. Given its inability to attract transfers, I would have though by-elections would be particularly challenging for SF.

  • Mark McGregor


    This election is probably going to happen around March/April.

    I’d think they have a choice of running her, building a profile and risking a very likely loss or not running her and risking making her look chicken.

    I don’t think Tony’s death could have come at a worse time for SF but, and admittedly my knowledge of 26 county electoral proceedure is weak, I think the Dail has the power to delay the election as long as it wants (the TD’s party raises the motion for a writ to instruct the Clerk normally?? No party, FF decide when the election is and do they want one???) and perhaps it may be held on the same day as the Euro and Council saving their bacon?

  • Jimmy Sands

    I’m sure the govt would love to leave it to June, but I think that might be pushing it.

  • Mick Fealty


    An email would have been more effective.

    I got a vm from another blogger and had it down within in four minutes of receiving it.

    As Peter Cook might have more profitably remarked to Jonathan Millar, “What we do not need at this stage of the war is yet another futile gesture”.

    It can be dealt with, but only if I know it’s happening. Please do not assume I am watching every thread at every hour of every day!

  • Harry Flashman

    It would come as no surprise to find that Tony Gregory’s politics and mine would have very little in common, but as someone who lived in Dublin in the 1980’s I can honestly say he was one of the very few politicians who genuinely worked for his constituents rather than using them as another step on his way up the greasy pole.

    The people he fought for were among the most marginalised and despised people in Dublin; the inner-city working class, “the knackers” as they were always dismissed by the Dubliners who came from more sedate areas, but Gregory gave his everything for them and if he did tap CJH for a bit of the cash he was flinging around well at least he was more honest about it than the rest of the Irish Establishment of the time who were creaming off a lot more.

  • Shirley McGuffin

    Reading the above link, it is intereting that a Sinn Fein IRA councillor gets top billing over a former Eire premier and the current incumbent. No wonder we are right to fear a united Ireland.

  • It was Sammy Mc Nally what done it


    “No wonder we are right to fear a united Ireland”

    SF have less support in ROI and are not deemed (incorrectly in my opinion) suitable for government – they are deemed suitable for government in Norn Iron. Arguably you would have less to fear of SF influence in a United Ireland than in Norn Iron.

    But I take your point about the boul Christy getting top billing over the TeaShop – perhaps its because they spent quality time together in the slammer and the fact that he was a former Sinn Feiner himself – although of the Soviet variety.

  • Rory Carr

    But surely, Shirley, we do not fear a united Ireland in the least. Do you not mean that you hold this irrational fear?

    It really is quite simple, Shirley, words like ‘unity’, ‘harmony’, ‘togetherness’, ‘co-operation’ and the like tend to strike a non-threatening mood in the observer. Whereas words like ‘division’, ‘disunity’, ‘fracture’, ‘break-up’ etc. are generally considered to induce a threatening mood. A reverse reaction to the normal one might indicate psychic disturbance and should be watched out for.

    Oh and by the way, Councillor Burke is a public representative in the late Tony Gregory’s constituency which explains why his comments are given precedence. Sorry to disturb the basis for your paranoia.

  • JD

    Sad news – he faced his illness in a dignified matter. RIP

    The background to the “Gregory Deal” was that Tony met with both Charlie Haughey and Garret Fitzgerald who were looking for his support for a minority government. He famously described patrician Fitzgerald bringing the late Jim Mitchell TD (one of the few working class Dublin FG TDs) to their meeting to act “as an interpreter”. Haughey knew Gregory’s constituency and in the end it was easier to strike a realistic deal with him to secure the necessary package for the inner city.

    As regards the issue of the by election. Seamus Brennan from Fianna Fail (Dublin Sth) died six months ago and the by election to replace him has not been held yet. It is believed this will be held over until the same day as the Local and European elections in June, so I imagine the Dublin Central by election will be held the same day.

    By holding the election on the same day as the Euro election, Mary Lou will be contesting the EP election, so she won’t be a candidate in Dublin Central (after the screw up in 2007 SF would be wise to regroup).

    A PRSTV by election requires the successful candidate to get 50% +1 to win. I just don’t see any Fine Gaelers and the middle class FF and Labour supporters (as opposed to their working class supporters) transferring to a Shinner. There is also the question of who the SF candidate would be – Nicky Kehoe is gone amd Christy Burke has not run for the Dail for a long time.

    This should Labour’s to win, but Joe Costello has already pushed out an excellent young councillor Aodhan O Riordan from the constituency to the one next door in the hope of staying in control of hisd organisation – a blow top any by election effort. Fine Gael’s Paschal Donohue made a good impression in Dublin Central the last time and since has been elevated to the Senate. Dublin Central has become much more middle class in recent years, so with good poll ratings at the moment Fine Gael could pull off an unlikely win here.

    RIP Tony

  • elvis parker

    Gregory’s death is ironicly a bitter blow to Sinn Fein and their attempts to prevent their Southern ship continuing to sink. Wothout Gregory the prospect of SF and Ind TDs forming a Technical group in the Dail have receeded.

    As for SF chances in the by election and some crazy posts about McDonald:

    “Mary Lou is a rising star and excelled in the Lisbon campaign. She has made a real mark and is now a household name. Her chances in both contests have been boosted by the Lisbon referendum in which she played the lead part for Sinn Féin and the NO campaign was ultimately successful.She is the opposite of tarnished.”

    The accepted wisdom is that with the reduction in the number of MEPs in Dublin Mary Lou is doomed.

    I dont think she will fight the by election.
    Hasnt Nicky Kehoe fallen out with SF?