Ag athru gneas ins na hOileáin Siar…

Mar a dúirt mé roimhe tá BBC Alba ina ‘wee gem’ de shtáisiúin Telefíse. Go hairithe mar bhíonn siad a cur ceisteanna sóisialta de mhórdheacrachtaí ar phlé. Ar Trusadh aréir, d’inis siad scéal de Raonaid NicNèill, tiománaí bus cé rugadh mar fear agus í tar éis a cuid ghnéas a athrú. Ina measc na saincheisteanna agus iad ag déileáil leo: an t-acmhainneacht do coimhthíos ag a chuid oibre; an geit a bhain sí as a chlainne leis an cinneadh; agus an t-imbhualadh ar comhphobal beag mar na hOileáin Siar. Tig leat é a fheiceáil do sé lá as an t-am seo amach.

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  • GGN

    Nach mòr an trua nach fèidir le duine BBC iplayer a fheiceàil taobh amuigh den Rìocht ‘Aontaithe’.

    Nuair a chuirfidh siad è ar Freeview, gheobhaidh mè sin is teilifìsean ùr ach nì bhfaighidh mè Sky go deo, barraìocht seafòid.

  • Colm

    Fair play do BBC Alba agus duitse, a Raonaid. Go n-éirí leat go geall.

  • William

    For those who demand equality….it might be a good idea to give a translation in a language that all of us read, write and speak, namely English !!! Agree?

  • picador

    Was that a knee-jerk reaction, William?

    Click the link if you want to see a program about a bus driver from the Outer Hebrides who had a sex change and is now plotting genocide anyone who refuses to learn Gaelic.

  • DC

    Oh yes William I agree, it’s come out all funny hasn’t it…

  • edward

    LOL I clicked the comments link to see how long it would take for the anti-gaelic lobby to show up?

    William didnt dissapoint it took a mere 3 posts

    And William I don’t understand it either but I still like it

  • William

    EDWARD: I don’t know how you can classify my post #3 as ‘anti-gaelic’….far from it…I merely wanted to read the post and feel that in platforms such as Slugger, where I would guess the majority of bloggers only read, write and speak one language, namely English, it is rank bad manners to post something in a language that only a few can understand.
    I have no problem with Irish Gaelic; in fact I support the promotion of the language by bona fide organisations, not a policital party as at present and look forward to other minority languages, e.g. Ulster-Scots gaining parity with Irish in terms of funding etc.

  • Pancho’s Horse

    If you are so interested, William, why not learn Gaelic? It will be useful when all you English speakers are tipped out of your comfortable jobs to make way for the Sinn Féin-ers, hee hee. Very good film but it would be hard without the fo-theideal.

  • edward

    Gee Mick you have been upgraded to a political party

    One thing you should bee able to guarantee 100% support for all your policies

  • Mick Fealty


    I doubt that. Besides, I think you are being just a little mischievous in your interpretation of what William meant.


    I should write a policy statement to explain why; but I never seem to have the time to do those bits around the edges. I’ve always written in Irish when linking to a primarily Gaelic source.

    We don’t as yet have the resources to provide translations, full or partial. Besides, the Irish posts constitute a tiny minority of the ones available on Slugger.

    None of my posts are particularly difficult or literary, but I guess my view is that it’s good for the those Irish speakers we otherwise feed an untrammelled diet of English to day in and day out.

  • William

    I didn’t suggest that Mick by writing a gaelic post was a ‘political party’ promoting the language, but I’m sure many supporters of the Irish language do get a little tired hearing Sinn Fein folk gobshitting about Oirsh when it is the pigeon version that most of them are proficient in and it is used merely as a political tool by them, to provide more ‘jobs for the boys / girls’ as can be seen wherever they have the power within Nationalist / Republican communities. The true Irish speaking activists, such as Risteard MacGabhann in ‘Derry I have no problem with, but when I hear people like Denis Nelis and Gerry O’Hara of An Gaelaras using the language in furtherance of their Republicanism and jobs for themselves, then I want nothing to do with it….as for learning Irish as someone above suggests; if I had the time to do so, I’d learn a language that I would be of benefit to me, e.g. French, German, Spanish or perhaps Japanese !

  • PaddyReilly

    Uell, tá misneach ag an bhfear seo, ach sé mo bheacht gur rinne sé droch úsáid de’n mhisneach sin. Ní bheidh sé i n-a bhean ariamh, nó fiú female impersonator a b’fhiach an t-ainm. Féachaigí an cainncín atá air! Srón chomh mór le Opaidéal an Rotunda ! Tá na cosa ró-fhada, agus gach uile rud cearr. Agus bhí an t-Éireannach (i mBrighton) níos measa. Do b’fhearra leis cloí leis a Bhéarla freisin.

    Ba bhuí liom an pháirt nuair a tháinig sé amach ag tiománaíocht i n-eadach mná don chéad uair, agus na paisinéirí go léir ag scréachadh sna mobiles acu, agus ag tógáil griangrafanna. Sin go díreach mar a bhí siad sna Innse Gael le mo linn. Is cuimhin liom teachtaireacht a tháinig air an dteilefón: “Faighibh amach ur prospaigean, Blip is sunbathing in a bikini.” Is ionann prospaig agus teileascóp, agus tá ceann i ngach teach fíor gaelach. Do b’í Blip bean a bhí chomh ramhar le míol mór.

  • William

    Come Back Paddy Reilly……Ballyjamesduff needs Oirsh speakers / writers like you….they’re in short supply there….most folk only understand English….Are ye coming bhoy??

  • Modernist

    William as a new years resoultion could you please give up trolling, and instead play the ball and not the man. Childish insults have no place in debate

  • PaddyReilly

    most folk only understand English

    Is fíor an méid sin, agus tá treadanna go leor do n-a leithéidí, agus barúla go leor a scríobh mé féin uaimse orthu, ach seo treidín beag amháin do lucht na gaeilge, agus na daoine a chonac “Trusadh” ó thús go deiridh, agus suim acu san sort sin rud, agus an té nach maith leis an méid sin, ná bíodh sé i bhfad beo.

  • William

    Paddy Reilly… least Mick understands yer oirsh….I can’t and at least I’m in the majority

  • edward


    Being the majority doesn’t make yopu right and in the context of nIreland most often makes you mistaken


    Interpretation is the thing is it not?

  • finches

    “I had the time to do so, I’d learn a language that I would be of benefit to me, e.g. French, German, Spanish or perhaps Japanese”

    Tá suim agam i nGaeilge agus níl aon cnámh poblactanach ar bith i mo chuid chorp. De bharr an Plandáil, thánig mo chlann féin as Alba agus, go soineanta, chuir an teanga tionchar laidir ar an tír sin fosta. Níl aon codarsnacht ar bith, i mo thuarim, idir aontachtachas agus grá den teanga dúchais agus O dhearcadh starúil, is leir go bhfuil an teanga fíor-riactanach do tuiscint an stair an t-óilean seo. D’ainmnigh gach háit in Eirinn i nGaeilge and bíonn ciall eagsúla ag baint le na logainmneacha, mar dúirt Beano ón Everything Ulster.

  • ersehole


    is your position that English should be compulsory on this site?

  • Mick Fealty


    Even if it was (I’ll let William answer that question, nothing he’s written seems in the least to suggest that) he would stand no chance of getting it implemented. The ethic on this site has been pluralist from day one.

  • ersehole

    Oooh, I dunno Mick. If people object to threads in Gaelic, I think they are smacking compulsory Béarla.

    It’s a point worth debating. I had a run-in with on this one. You can be banned there for using Irish, even on threads to do with the Gaeltacht. Tá a fhios agam, ba mise an saighdiúr sin.

    From what I can gather, leave it up to the individual mods, not so much a policy as a vaccuum. Gaelgeoirheads are directed to the gaeilgeoir section. “A specially created space” for some and a wee ghetto to me.

    Which leads us to Slugger’s as-yet-unformulated policy. Can one post in Urdu or Croat? Leaving aside practical aspects, (posting in Finnish is unlikely to mature into a 200-poster) a political site IMHO needs to have a coherent position.

    My tuppence is: As a site that is concerned with Northern Ireland politics and culture, the languages should be English, Irish and Ulster Scots. Other languages should not be banned, but threads should not, save for exceptional circumstances, be started in them. My reasoning is issues pertaining to speakers of other languages are not NI-exclusive, save for exceptional circumstances.

    Of course, the market-led approach has its merits. Start a debate in any language other than English, and you immediately restrict input to the debate, not, on the face of it, a good idea for a popular blog.

  • Danny

    No, I disagree. Some people in this thread need to GROW UP. These are often the same people who criticise funding for the Irish language. “I’ve no problem with Irish as long as it’s not used as a political weapon..” etc. As Mick said, Irish posts on Slugger make up a tiny, tiny percentage of all posts. Why should they be translated for the benefit of English-only speakers!? No, enough already. I’m sick of people trying to disrupt online discussions in Irish. Or even in real life. It happens. I have almost no Irish and am more than happy to let these threads stand as they are.

    Grow up!