Harold Pinter 1930-2008

Playwright Harold Pinter has died aged 78. From the Slugger archive here’s a post noting his 2005 Nobel Prize for Literature, whilst at the Guardian Michael Billington pays tribute. And here’s a fascinating hour long portrait from March last year. Also recommended, Dominic Cavendish at the Telegraph blog – “Orwell’s true successor”

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  • I hoped the day would never come that I would be the first one to note this great man’s genius, bravery, and generosity, but our times and the timing of his demise oblige me to do so.

    I have long suspected that his death was just around the corner, ruing the day it would come as it would just be another sad reminder of all the unnecessary, stupid waste of just so much human potential, whether it was his shortened life, the much shorter and worse lives of so many others, and those who never even got started – what stirred his fury.

    It was Pinter’s message, whether it was the wonderful words he wrote, or the brave, unselfish life he lived.

    He was truly a Nobel laureate. His message from his sick bed when he acknowledged it was a message to the world’s tormentors – who shall remain unacknowledged, given the occasion – that you can run, but you can never escape the verdict of human history.

  • heck

    one of those who got it right on the iraq war. Unlike that lying war criminal Blair and his hench men in new labour