From nowhere to where?

1 MEP and 13 Councillors – thanks to MarkyMark at for flagging it – the TUV are clearly the strongest ‘dissident’ grouping in Ireland based on elected reps.

Of course not a single one was elected under their current banner but it is still a pretty strong grouping for something so new.

Cllr Audrey Patterson (Ballymoney)
Cllr Mark Russell (Craigavon)
Cllr Robin Sterling (Ballymena)
Cllr Charlie Tosh (Castlereagh)
Cllr David Tweed (Ballymena)
Cllr William Wilkinson (Ballymena)
Cllr Sam Gaston (Ballymena)
Cllr Stephen Herron (Banbridge)
Cllr Mel Lucas (Antrim)
Cllr Leslie Cubitt (Limavady)
Cllr Boyd Douglas (Limavady)
Cllr Frazer Agnew (Newtownabbey)

Ald James Alexander (Ballymena)
Ald Cecil Calvert (Lisburn)
Ald Roy Gillespie (Ballmena)
Ald Jack McKee (Larne)

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  • nobrainer

    As said, none of these were elected. Let the people at the next election decide if these people represent them. But will all of them stand?? I don’t think so, it took the DUP to put them with transfers etc, some of them were co-opted. The DUP paid for their campaigns.

    Let us see how they will get on the doors, when they have to answer the question, why did Jim allister talk with Sinn Fein, on more than one occasion recently.

  • pith

    Anyone wondering what future for intellectuallism in Irish politics following the death of Conor Cruise O’Brien should surely look no further than the list provided above and in particular the name followed by the Theory of Relativity-like brackets around the geographical descriptor ‘Newtownabbey’. Shoulders of giants indeed.

  • Boney M

    Wow, more TUV reps than the Northern Ireland Conservatives. And their single councillor was elected as a Ulster Unionist.

  • Mack

    Most of these are headers lead by the biggest one of all Jim A who is now the defender of SF by attacking the DUP at every turn whilst he lets SF of the hook.

    Jim will lose his seat at Europe, most of these cllrs won’t get elected either and what each of them should do is resign their seat to let the people of Northern Ireland see exactly what their mandate really is!!

  • nineteensixtyseven

    Have Cubitt and Douglas actually ‘joined’ the party? I know they made noises to the extent that they supported Allister’s stance but wasn’t aware of any formal link. They’re both gone come the next election anyway; Cubitt nearly lost his deposit at the last Assembly election and Douglas’s only appearance in the press recently was to wrongly criticise Sinn Fein for attacking Eoghan Quigg’s appearance on that army song and complaining that the PSNI flew Eoghan flags in Irish (in the same letter!!). Mental.

  • CMB

    Thanks Mark I am glad you published the list and what a self-indulgent bunch they are. I said on another blog most of them were originally DUP seats perhaps with the exception of a couple, a bunch of no hopers who no one else would want as they would be an embarrassment. Not one of them have a hope of keeping a council seat in 2011 so let him lead his band of merry men as they will soon be losing their band leader when the people of Northern Ireland show him in 2009 how much of a loser he his and none of them will have any tune left to play. I read again today the Manifesto that JA agreed to as a member of the DUP for the last election worth a read bloggers it makes very interesting reading which makes me think there is more of a personal vendetta between JA and the DUP rather than policy differences.

  • John K Lund

    The DUP are now fighting a battle on three fronts they are desperately trying to save their support going in two opposite directions. The larger contingent will elect to support a national non sectarian Conservative and Unionist Party. whilst their original more extreme “NOT AN INCH” type supporters will defect to the TUV. It is a no win situation on both fronts.
    They are also fighting the wide spread of, in their opinion “Perceived Nationalists”;and by their constant criticism of the Conservative/UUP New Political Force they are driving people from all walks of live and background to exercise their political freedom and give their vote to the only all UK wide party standing in all the seats in Northern Ireland.The watershed has arrived and the political tectonic plates are shifting, which is also causing Sein Fein great political discomfort, which they cannot combat with peaceful means. The people, previously left as the meat in the electoral sandwich by the Labour Government, are now going to express their preference for proper secular socio economic politics for the first time in their lives.

  • Dewi

    Don’t knock it – not a bad start given the dynamic of politics with you. Need a few more spokesmen though.

  • Dave

    The shift on how MEPs are to replaced if an elected candidate fails to serve his full term should give the TUV cause for concern. Under the present system, the public elect the candidate and not the party that the candidate represents. Under the new system, the public are deemed to elect the party that the candidate represents. Ergo, if the candidate resigns, the party may simply appoint another candidate to replace him without the need to hold another election grants ownership of the seat to political parties and by-passes the preference of the public. What isn’t clarified (or isn’t clear to me) is what happens when an elected candidate changes from one party to another. If the principle is established that the public elects the party (and that the party ‘owns’ the seat for the specified term) won’t this bar an elected candidate from changing parties? If that event, he will have to resign and transfer the seat to a candidate who is to be nominated by this (former) party’s leader. Perhaps Mark will know?

    If this precedent is established via European elections, how long before it is applied to national and local elections? Do the public accept the principle that they no longer have a right to elect a candidate based on his or her particular qualities but now must elect a party clone who is interchangeable with another party clone? That is a profound shift to make by stealth (and sans debate), and it isn’t one that is an advance for the democratic process.

  • Dave

    Just to correct my customary subliteracy: “Ergo, if the candidate resigns, the party may simply appoint another candidate to replace him without the need to hold another election. This grants ownership of the seat to political parties and by-passes the preference of the public.”

  • picador

    Is that a hit-list? Who is the Funky Bunch gonna take out first? Place your bets, folks.

  • Con

    That list of councillors is based on a statement of support sent to Allister when he launched the TUV last year. I’m not sure if they’re members, even now.

  • Danny

    Are all the councillors listed former DUP members? Were any of them UKUP or even NIUP members at one time?

    Anyone know?

  • CMB

    At least two are not former DUP members who have had so many party labels not sure really what they stand for anymore.

    Looking at the list I think there might be at least three who have and are now sitting as Independents in Councils.

  • Silver Line

    What about the two Ards Councillors who do they bat for I know they make some noises towards the TUV but not sure if they are in the TUV

    Terry Williams
    George Ennis

  • Dave: If the system is anything like that used for MEPs from Great Britain then once elected the individual can switch parties and continue to sit (most notably the various MEPs elected as UKIP in 2004 who’ve since deserted).

    Mid term vacancies are filled automatically by the next person on the original party list (unless they’re unavailable and it moves down). I’m not sure what happens if the list runs out of people. I believe the NIO rejected a suggestion that at the time of the original election the candidate and agent should submit a back-up list.