From nowhere to where?

1 MEP and 13 Councillors – thanks to MarkyMark at for flagging it – the TUV are clearly the strongest ‘dissident’ grouping in Ireland based on elected reps.

Of course not a single one was elected under their current banner but it is still a pretty strong grouping for something so new.

Cllr Audrey Patterson (Ballymoney)
Cllr Mark Russell (Craigavon)
Cllr Robin Sterling (Ballymena)
Cllr Charlie Tosh (Castlereagh)
Cllr David Tweed (Ballymena)
Cllr William Wilkinson (Ballymena)
Cllr Sam Gaston (Ballymena)
Cllr Stephen Herron (Banbridge)
Cllr Mel Lucas (Antrim)
Cllr Leslie Cubitt (Limavady)
Cllr Boyd Douglas (Limavady)
Cllr Frazer Agnew (Newtownabbey)

Ald James Alexander (Ballymena)
Ald Cecil Calvert (Lisburn)
Ald Roy Gillespie (Ballmena)
Ald Jack McKee (Larne)

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