“I am clear where I want us to be..”

As it turned out we didn’t have to wait until the New Year for the Irish government’s new economic recovery plan framework Vision – “with a capital ‘V’.” Instead, after the little matter of suspending the Dáil for its traditional six-week Christmas holiday, the government adjourned to Dublin Castle to unveil their “evolving framework”. In the Irish Times, Miriam Lord is decidedly underwhelmed..

We didn’t know yesterday whether we were looking at the top table or the bridge of the Titanic.

Here’s that plan in a nutshell: we are where we are. We know where we want to be. And with the right vision, a fair wind, attic insulation and a few holy candles, we might get there eventually.

The waters are uncharted, choppy, strewn with massive icebergs, the engine is broken and the bilge pumps are worn out.

And in related news, the chairman of Anglo-Irish bank resigned after disclosing a little sleight of hand with some personal loans..

Shares fall further..

Adds Anglo Irish Chief Executive follows Chairman..

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  • Greenflag

    And it’s no different in Washington or London , Berlin or Paris except the latter two don’t have the ‘property’ fiasco to deal with as the former two or Dublin. Meanwhile the Northern Ireland County Council a.k.a the Assembly can continue to imitate Emperor Nero with their ‘fiddling’.

    Lame duck US President Bush is now considering using some of the funds which were to be used to bail out the banks to bail out the American car industry . Although this goes very much against the ‘gung ho ‘ capitalist spirit of the American neo conservative nut jobs who have been the power behind Bush’s throne these past 8 years – Bush is preparing to excuse his action on the basis of wait for it ‘concern ‘ for his successor . According to spokesmen Bush does not want to leave his successor with ‘no’ American Car Industry and minus the 3 million jobs it employs directly and indirectly .

    Bush has apparently admitted he would not like to be coming into power under such circumstances .

    Considering the circumstances under which this Republican President came into power it certainly says a lot when a month from leaving ofice the ‘penny’ is finally dropping and offstage ‘capitalist’ gangster Bernard Madoff makes off with makes off with 50 billion dollars in the biggest ponzi scheme heist in financial history.

    What did those 4,000 Americans die for in Iraq ? Was it for Iraqi ‘democracy’ or for a bunch of political gangsters, Wall St thieves and Oil industry moguls ?

  • Oilifear

    Pete, you are going to wear that link out – particularly when the study itself puts “Northern Irish” in third place behind “British” and “Irish” … where it has been every year since the study began. Time to get on board where the real movement is at – or as everyone’s favorite study puts it: from here to here.

    As for Cowen and his troupe of no hopers shutting the Oireachtas so that they could cower behind the walls of Dublin Castleb – that was the most ignoble dash from responsibility I have ever witnessed. What we need is leadership, decisiveness and imagination … what we got is a government incapable, bereft of ideas and literally running scared. The past week has left me very scared.