Another paper in trouble?

With this week seeing the final edition of Lá Nua and job losses at Johnston press titles, I received an email today from Sinn Féin’s An Phoblacht paper on behalf of Gerry Adams requesting not that I subscribe or buy the paper but make a donation towards it. Is this an indication of financial difficulties at the paper which recently survived an Ard Fheis motion calling for its closure due to ‘lack of interest’ ?

50. This Ard Fheis agrees that publication of An Phoblacht should be discontinued due to lack of interest. – Piaras McCann Cumann, Cashel

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A message from
Gerry Adams MP
President of Sinn Féin

A Chairde,
B’as stair streachailte a d’éirigh An Phoblacht agus fós is gléas streachailte í ar son saoirse, comhionannas, ceart agus dul chun cinn soisialta.

An Phoblacht is the voice of Irish republicanism and — thanks to readers, sellers and supporters such as yourselves – it has survived decades of violent repression and raids by the British Army, the RUC and the Special Branch; the arrests of staff and printers; and state censorship.

An Phoblacht has charted the historic events of the struggle – the Civil Rights campaign from 1968, the 1981 Hunger Strike in the H-Blocks of Long Kesh and Armagh Women’s Prison, the IRA’s war of resistance against the British Army, and the Peace Process among them.

We are now in a new phase of struggle. There are great strides being made in moving towards achieving an Irish Republic and your sustained support is needed now, as much as ever.

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  • Ulsters my homeland

    do they accept coppers?

  • steve

    ‘do they accept coppers?

    Posted by Ulsters my homeland’

    Anything with the Queens head on is fine.

  • pith

    First newspapers and now An Phoblacht.

  • catchagrip

    is it cheaper than bog roll?

  • picador

    do they accept coppers?

    Ha ha! They voted to accept the PSNI some time ago.

  • Unionist

    “is it cheaper than bog roll?”

    Not sure but it’s always full of crap.

  • Hopefully it goes down the swanny and its employyes never work again.

  • veritas

    the simple minded bigots are out in force today.

    No newspaper tied to one political grouping will succeed…

  • picador

    An Phoblacht is nothing but Sinn Féin propaganda – worth a read when they were trying to overthrow the government but tedious now they are helping administer it.

    Best thing about it was the Cormac cartoon strip.

  • pith

    “the simple minded bigots are out in force today”

    And they’ll be out of a job too if An Phoblacht folds.

  • heck

    do they accept coppers

    maybe not coppers but they would do aanything for a sovereign

  • lorraine

    An Phoblacht has charted the historic events of the struggle – the Civil Rights campaign from 1968, the 1981 Hunger Strike in the H-Blocks of Long Kesh and Armagh Women’s Prison, the IRA’s war of resistance against the British Army, and the Peace Process among them.

    why stop there. make it interesting again and start printing an article a week about how the leadership became employees of HMG and rode off into the sunset with handsome amounts of wealth…….

    picador: agree a hundred per cent. Cormac was priceless!

  • William

    An Phoblaugh was a good read, when one got a free look at the paper in the now closed Bookworm bookshop in Londonderry. However, they ceased selling it years ago, as it just didn’t sell !!! Since then I have depended on having a laugh by checking the online version. The readers: They have gone away, ye know !

  • Jimmy Sands

    Have they considered suing the NIO to force them to advertise in it?

  • I don’t think that paper existed in 1968 did it? More fibs and rewriting of history by Gerry? Or am I mistaken?

  • Mark McGregor


    It’s one of these disputed claims of inheritancy that goes back as far as Hobson but the specific claim to having reported on the early CRM seems very dubious. (unless there was a regional, independent sheet using the name somewhere)

  • Jer

    well according to wiki:
    The title appeared again in 1966 as the mouthpiece of a small IRA splinter group based in Cork.[2] Its modern version was again refounded immediately following the Sinn Féin split by Jimmy Steele in January 1970, An Phoblacht supporting the group led by Ruaírí O’Bradaigh that became the Provisional IRA when the split with the Official Irish Republican Army occurred

  • pith

    Jer, You have two splits and only one splinter. Is it just me or is Wikipedia totally ….

  • Mark McGregor


    Wikipedia reference above – facts should be sought before accepting as legitimate.

  • dunreavynomore

    Wasn’t An Phoblacht called An Phoblacht Republican News at one time?
    I suppose it was logical to drop the republican News part seeing as they had dropped republicanism to make way for nationalism. Must be coming near time to rename it ‘Pub News’

  • picador

    An Phoblacht and Republican News were originally two different papers, one published in Dublin, the other in Belfast.


    I would politely suggest that they dropped the RN part because An Phoblacht Republican News was an unwieldly and tautological title. But perhaps I am being a little pedantic.

  • dunreavynomore

    APRN may have been unwieldy but that was the name of the paper for a fair few years.
    The lack of republican news may be part of the reason s.f. has to seek donations, though, now that we are long past ‘repression and raids’ of, or on the paper,that same lack of republican news would probably leave them open to grant aid from Gerry’s new british Friends in 10 and 11 Downing St.
    Was it the mid 90s, or earlier, when the name change occured? Me aul head’s not as good as it used to be.

  • Paul McMahon

    AP can hardly be called a newspaper as its only purpose is to raise the profile of the party and to publicize the workings of party apparatchiks at various party levels. It’s nothing more than a party propaganda sheet.

    To suggest that AP is a boring read is a massive understatement. I stopped buying the item literally years ago and IMO it beats the Andytown News into The Most Tedious Read category’s No 4 position, [The Newsletter & ‘Tele taking numbers 1& 2 respectively], although it did have some saving graces, Cormac was absolutely priceless, the dry, razor sharp with delivered by a well-known Belfast song writer / playwright.

    For me the saddest aspect of AP was that my friend Martin L’Estrange was murdered by the UFF in 1994 because he had just began work as a printer in a printing works which had stopped printing the AP some three years previously.