60 years on, Cuba libre – sorry, £14

I didn’t have to wait for Santa to deliver Spain Rodriguez’s graphic novel ‘Che: A Graphic Biography’ receiving a copy for my birthday (now replacing Banksey as the pretentious guest toilet book).

While it was perhaps a little too light even after my complaints on finding John Lee Anderson’s book too much it has whetted my appetite enough that I’m seriously considering taking QFT up on their one off offer to see Steven Soderbergh’s ‘Che’ on New Year’s Day in its full four hour double-bill version.

UPDATE: photo changed to reflect comments

  • … now replacing Banksey as the pretentious guest toilet book …

    Banksy, Mark … Banksy.

    If you’re going to bullshit, at least do it properly!

  • Mark McGregor’s Wife

    You would have received it for Christmas darling if you didn’t leave your underwear around the house like some incontinent buffon.


    a not very happy wife.

  • Mark McGregor


    If only I was able to go back, change the spelling mistake and delete your comment…….hold on, I can ;0)

  • … …….hold on, I can ;0)

    Oh, how I envy your wondrous powers, Supermark!

    It’ll take a bit longer to undo your marriage, I fear …

    Mrs M, you should have known that you weren’t just marrying the man, you were marrying the revolution !


  • Mark McGregor


    If you check the updated photo, it seems I was correct all along.

  • Belfast Gonzo

    Hunger, Badder Meinhoff Komplex, now Che… seems to be a theme running at the QFT!

    (… where I saw the one about the RAF recently, which was better than I expected.)

  • William

    So Mark, you enjoy reading books about revolutionary loonies?

  • Babet’s Pig

    A toilet is certainly the most appropriate place for that sh*t.

    After getting to Havana good old Che spent his time having folks tied to posts and shot. After running out of people to kill on Cuba he then decamped to rustle up some more victims. Thankfully the Bolivian army put an end to the psychopath.

    Be warned! Any person with a “guest toilet” would have been considered a class traitor by Ernesto and quickly put up against a wall.

  • eranu

    mark, how are you going to be able to complain about inequality and oppression in NI when you seem to be doing well enough to have a nice ‘guest toilet’ ? 🙂
    you should have said outside toilet!

  • Mark,

    If you check the updated photo, it seems I was correct all along.

    The resolution isn’t good enough to see your copy (or to see if you’ve done a photoshop job on it), but my own copy, on the table beside me (hardback first edition, 2005) clearly says Banksy. Did you buy yours off a dodgy stall in a market … ? If it says ‘Banksey’ you were robbed. Lol.

  • Mark McGregor


    Sorry for the resolution. It was a staged shot taken in my guest wing toilet – it has the Banksy book (edited to my spelling), all the Che books mentioned and a pair of my pants.

    I was feeling creative last night. No, not tipsy.

  • … and a pair of my pants.

    Your pants … eeeeuuugghhh!

    I told you the resolution was crap. I thought they were Mrs M’s … and since she’s clearly looking for a new beau, I thought it was a subliminal message, just for me ….