So the X-Factor is finally over and young Eoghan Quigg didn’t win (like I care). Along the way he managed to raise the ire of RSF in particular over wearing a poppy and joining the recording of ‘Hero’ to provide funds for the ‘Help for Heroes’ charity which supports wounded members of the British Armed Forces.

However, in the YouTube world éirígí have gone a little further and turned the video for the song on it’s head without criticising young Quigg in the process:

UPDATE – video has been censored. I’ll provide a new link when/if I get one.

  • Ranger1640

    Does anyone take eirigi-hey seriously. The thousands they called for to go onto the streets to protest at the Troops parade in Belfast was a laughable gathering of nonentities. There new motto is “We marched them up to the Landover’s and we marched them back to Divis again hey”.

  • Driftwood

    How many of the so called army ‘victims’ were rioters intent on murder, virtually all of them. They deserved what they got.
    Pathetic propaganda from Duffy and Co.

  • Rory Carr

    “…no longer available” says YouTube.

    But not at least, it would appear, before Eoghan’s biggest fan, Ranger1640, got to enjoy it. You jammy git, Ranger!

    Go on then, Mark, describe to us what is now denied us by the censors.

  • THe Raven

    Shame they didn’t the censor the outrage against taste that IS the X Factor just quite as quickly…

  • Padraig

    The British did not kill children in Iraq and Ireland??

    Does that mean those Erigi people are just making it up? That there were no children killed?

    That’s terrible!!

  • Big Maggie

    I tuned into X F*ctor to find out what the fuss was about.

    Eoghan, nice lad but he can’t hold a tune. Pity.

  • Prionsa Eoghan

    Bloody fuckin heroes alright.

  • Mark McGregor


    Seems to be working alright for me.

  • Shirley McGuffin

    Why is Angela Gallagher not on this Islamic propaganda piece?

  • heck

    i actually thought it was well done

    it counters the usual media bull shit about “brave boys” “defending democracy”

    why don’t you all just admit that the british army is nothing more than a bunch of armed pscyo’s

  • Rory Carr

    Angela Gallagher? Now there’s a popular Islamic name. Does she do a combination of reels and jigs while belly-dancing?

    I only ask because my grand-daughter, who has an Egyptian father, seems to be coming quite adept at this new dance form, and she not yet three years old.

    Anyway, Mark, when I click on here in an attempt to view, the message I get across the YouTube screen is “We’re sorry, this video is no longer available.” As if I care. Hmmph!

  • Vladimir Lenihan

    The video is working fine

    Great job. One only needs to listen to the Brit in the watchtower observing the beating of prisoners to understand the psychopathic tendencies of British soldiers


  • Padraig

    It keeps the Borstals and prisons from going into overload when the judges stick them in their army, keep them picking dates says I.

  • jock

    Eirigi-The keboard warriors of Ireland strike another blow for irish freedom by having a swipe at a Brit talent show-all volunteers have returned safely to Base to plan their next daring operation- Strictly Come Dancing beware…

  • Jock-strap

    Jock – what a tw*t

  • jock

    Next on the Eirigi hit list is that bloke from Eastenders wot won ‘I’m a Celebrity’-apparently his mutt, Wellard, was the Brit sniffer dog that uncovered the entire Eirigi weapons dump-two pea-shooters and a spud-gun…

  • Baz está fresco em Vermont

    As someone who worked in the music industry all my life, I have a problem with the concept of ‘talent’, it just didn’t work for me,

    there is far more money in the non-talent dept, as a general rule, I’m not knocking ‘talent’ within decent limits.

    For example, take the Scorpions, talent struggling there a bit, naff sleeves, however, the only way to up Kraut rock, was Slav rock, so that’s what I done, it sounded awful, but in a Slavic way.

    I never thought of hard-wiring it to the withdrawal of Soviet ‘heroes’ from Afghanistan, because that would have been ‘political’, and I was only in it for the money,

    that’s all I wanted, free pizza, babes, and cash.

  • Fidel

    Few friends were in the out in Belfast, last night with the plain Eoghan Quigg t-shirts on for the final, and were randomly given the quote by a few belfast locals, ‘ hope that ‘Fe***n B”, does’nt win it’. They actually ended the night with one of them getting assaulted outside the Bot. Clearly times are changing.

  • Driftwood

    There are hundreds of similar vids on youtube, either for or against British and US troops, and the soldiers and police of other countries. The same simple formulaistic montage of edited video,photos, complete with ‘notes’ to help explain to the viewer any specific point.
    This vid would have been seen by no-one but the most rabid hate filled sociopaths around Craigavon (step forward Colin Duffy)except that Mark chose to promote it here. It’s boring, infantile, unimaginative and devoid of any real point. A bit like eirigi I suppose.

  • catchagrip

    Fidel, what did they expect from those eirigi types

  • Rory Carr

    But surely when a woman with the name ‘Burke’ finally won those “Fenian bastard” haters must have become mighty confused – not that they may not have already been.

  • jer

    video is gone.

  • pith

    With the lads at erigi uploading videos on YouTube who can doubt that a 32 county socialist republic is just round the corner?

  • Comrade Stalin

    pith, unfortunately it seems that the dastardly YouTube securocrats are there to thwart them at every turn.

  • pith

    It’s CollUdeTube

  • Rory Carr

    I did receive the message that “This video has now been withdrawn2, or someting like that, but upon the third try I was able to watch it.

    I thought it a well balanced counterpoint to the pornographic propaganda that was the X Factor’s attempt to use a well-intentioned popular song about inner courage, the quiet strength of true humility and self esteem as a recruiting flag for the madness of US/Brit policy.

    I don’t think it was a particularly well done or a totally devestating piece of counter-propaganda but then such is the guilt and fear of these vile monsters who have torn the world apart that any little critique is quickly killed.

    Let’s all take our shoes off and throw them at YouTube for this disgraceful act of censorship.

    Better still, let’s ask them, “Why? Who said this won’t do and what threats were offered upon failure to comply?”

  • Milli Vanilli

    “Why? Who said this won’t do and what threats were offered upon failure to comply?”

    Perhaps the FACT?

  • picador

    God damn these Nazis of the Internet for curtailing out freedoms!

  • Pathetic

    Pathetic that they are trying to steal Republican Sinn Féin’s and the Republican Movement’s thunder.

  • Vladimir Lenihan

    Censorship doesn’t work. The video can now be viewed at http://www.eirigi.org

  • picador

    A good comeback to a disgusting piece of propaganda. I will spit on the first person who tries to sell me a poppy next year.

  • Len Adoon

    I’m sure you will picador, but first follow republican operating procedures:

    1. ensure the victim is a female old age pensioner.

    2. wait until they have their back turned towards you before you spit.

    3. pre-bruise yourself to ensure you can plead police brutality should you get caught.

    good luck brave irish patriot!