“You could make this stuff up..”

A short sharp post from the Telegraph’s Iain Martin on the “new era of honesty and reform in Illinois politics”. He wonders if Tom Wolfe’s been scripting it.. And Politico has some questions for the President-elect. But back to Iain Martin

And what of Obama? He usually displays unerring calm but for the first time it is possible to imagine him sitting in his office with his head in his hands.
This takes the shine off the transition and potentially the inauguration. What did he know and when?
Bravo, a proper old-fashioned scandal and he’s not even President yet.

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  • Nomad

    Sounds interesting about Obama- why wouldn’t the foreign press wish his presidency to implode before even begining- but this all seems like conjecture. What evidence is where about what?

  • Pete Baker
  • Nomad

    Perhaps I just don’t want to believe, but it doesn’t seem substantial. The bulk of this post is preoccupied with an Iain Martin fantasy anyway!

  • Jimmy Sands


    I looked at the questions. It’s pretty thin gruel, and I’m pretty sure I can guess the answer to #7.

  • 6countyprod

    Obama needs to be worried about Rezko. He’s singing!

  • Jimmy Sands


    You never did answer precisely what you are accusing him of doing.

  • Ferchristsakes, have ye no homes to go to?

    Blogging: Never before have so many people with so little to say said so much to so few.

    “Bravo, a proper old-fashioned scandal”

    No scandal, just the 21st Century version of the Gong Show. (My favorite was the belly-dancing dwarf that belched)

    That moron has known he has been under investigation for months, perhaps as long as a year and did not think to have his phones and his office sweeped. Serbs make piss poor mafiosos.

    Obama’s political ties to Blagojevich for the past couple of years were even more distant than those he had with Hillary.

    Obama has more to fear from Rezko. He’s the one that’s currently singing. Even there the gun still points away from Obama: Rezko’s earnest money was to deliver a Blagojevich operative, William Cellini, to the feds.

  • Dave

    Presumably the wife of Antoin Rezko (convicted of influence peddling and a fund-raiser for Barack Obama and a promoter of his early political career) purchased a plot of land for 500,000 next to Obama’s property and then sold it to Obama for 20% of the market value because she was a poor businesswoman and not because selling an asset to a third party for a sum below its market value is a classic method of bribery?

    Presumably also, the Illinois Governor’s expressed desire to sell Obama’s seat to the highest bidder is a completely new development in otherwise pristine Chicago politics and was most definitely not a practice that was in operation when the present incumbent and his financial backers (such as the Mr Rezko) purchased acquired it?

    No, despite it being impossible to acquire public office in Chicago without the support of corrupt powerbrokers, a miracle happened because the qualities of the messiah persuaded the corrupt to suspend their customary lucrative practices and thereby allow said messiah to proceed untarnished in his political career to serve the greater good of all men with no need of money and monied men to accomplish the saintly duty. Amen.

  • Didn’t Obama payoff Rezko up front by helping see to passage of legislation, vastly reducing punitive damages in tort actions – what saved Exxon-Mobil well over a $billion for the Valdes oil spill, and didn’t Tony Auchi, Saddam’s bag man, provide money to Rezko for the Obama mansion in Chicago?