Unionism’s glass house and the throwing of stones

The DUP has been looking like something of caged tiger over the Tory UUP link up. This morning they released a press release in David Simpson’s name that took aim and fired at the party’s director of Communications Alex Kane, using his work as a columnist to list past criticisms of the current Tory party leader. The staff at Bob Balls wonders if such attacks are wise on the part of the DUP… They go on to remind the DUP of the time they ran a sitting Tory MP against Jeffrey Donaldson

We can’t find any links on Paisley Junior’s view on the Tory/UUP link, but we’d be very keen to hear his views! Junior was ecstatic to gain delivery of one (independent) ex-MP. Fair enough. The Unionist family gained admission into the next Tory government. He must be beside himself with glee, right?

The DUP Press Release is not publicly available, but here’s a copy of the links to the various of Alex’s past columns: