UUP Party Political Broadcast: Confused?

If you had your TV tuned into the news tonight, and waited until the evening news was over, you would have seen the UUP/Tory Party Political Broadcast.

If you did however miss it it is now on YouTube.

“Join with us”

Using the ‘sit down’, take note and ‘listen’ approach in telling people why they should vote for you, the catch phrase: “Join with us” featured prominently. However it did not appear to be an advert with a purpose to persuade a potential voter of the advantages of voting for them. The term “Join with us” simply suggests that the aim of the broadcast was a direct call for new members under the leadership of Sir Reg and ‘Dave’ Cameron. Instead of telling people who they were, and what they were about, the broadcast provided more a recruitment drive aimed at potential members instead of rallying potential voters.

The broadcast was dry, dull, and flat and just didn’t make much sense. In fact if you watched the Lib Dem broadcast (on afterwards) you probably would have noticed a big difference. Leader Nick Clegg was out on the streets asking people what they thought and felt about the Labour government and current state of affairs. It was interactive and innovative.

The advert reminded me of the UUP Party Political Broadcast of 2005; very dry with no clear message.

What about “For all of us“?

A reminder of the UUP election theme for the March 2007 Assembly election: “For all of us” did get a mention and we got a run down of the then Ulster Unionist Party ‘achievements’ of the last ten years. However the focus quickly switched to the Tory link up and what it can offer the people of NI – a piece of government. What I think the UUP need to remember is that government is based in NI now, with limited powers and control remaining at Westminster – the position the UUP set in 1998 and indeed in 1921.

What I saw was a party that had lost its way, and that was nearly losing the plot altogether. Confusion featured prominently, as the language was unclear and message skewed. Perhaps Sir Reg is looking to ‘Dave’ Cameron for guidance as he appears to be losing control of his own party to the Cameron and Osbourne puppet show. This is certainly the feeling I get from their conference agenda (posted by Michael on Slugger earlier today) with David Cameron essentially stealing Sir Reg’s position in the ‘Leader’ speech tomorrow due about 12 noon.

I think the UUP are leaving their grassroots behind, striping themselves of their ‘Ulster Unionist’ identity and applying David ‘Dave’ Cameron’s new age, tree hugging image available in the form of a ‘new age man’ moisturiser.

The electorate will decide, but I sense that the DUP are not very worried as the UUP, with their Tory moisturising apply, appeals to a very narrow margin of voters who are ashamed of the NI they see today and grew up in (not a good appeal when you are appealing to an electorate soaked in tradition). The NI Tories have failed to achieve much ground in years gone by, and I suspect that the UUP is simply playing a dangerous game of Russian roulette.

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