Put your toughest Questions to David Cameron?

We’ve already highlighted fact that the British Conservative party are about to roll into Belfast town on Saturday holding a public question and answer session with possibly the next British Prime Minister, David Cameron, before he heads off to address his UUP ‘partners’ at their party conference.We already have a few bloggers that will be on the ground and permission to take our own video but Slugger has also been given the opportunity to ask three questions from the floor on behalf of readers who can’t attend.

The questions won’t be vetted and there is no limit on the subjects that could be covered. This is an opportunity for people to ask the questions they really want answers to. It will also ensure that there will be at least some content that’s being asked from without the Tory Unionist faithful, so to speak.

Mark will be putting the selected questions on your behalf (I’ll be the final judge on what is selected) and he has requested that you provide at least a forename and area, as he thinks it might be a little disconcerting to ask a potential future UK Prime Minster a question on behalf of ‘It was Sammy McNally what done it’ or ‘The Devil’.

If you are already on the guest list or make it along we’d appreciate people willing to using their iPhones or Blackberries Twitter, Flickr or feed back to Slugger HQ with their views on the event. If you don’t have it, my own Twitter account is www.twitter.com/MickFealty. The tag we’ll use is #SlugCam.

I’ll be selecting the questions, after discussion with others, from 6pm on Friday so get them in ASAP.

PS: If you’re going to be at the UUP conference, please continue on and we’ll try to pick it up here along with the live feed from the BBC. The decision by the BBC to cover the DUP conference caught us on the hop somewhat, but we’d like to hear from bloggers, Twitterers and Flickrers at all the remaining conferences.

More on this tomorrow.


  • Blue Rinse Brigade


    Forgive me but is it not the ‘Conservative Party’?? What is this British Conservative Party when it is at home??

  • ??

    If the Tories as so pro-union as they claim will they give the people of NI a referendum on abolishing the current mandatory coalition and legislating for a voluntary government like the rest of the UK?



    This would be a good start. Give Ireland back to the Irish, the Malvinas back to the Argentines AND Gibraltar back to the Spanish. The Tories only gave Hong Kong back to the Chinese because they were shit scared of them. Wouldn’t you agree?

  • Old Sluggers to the dark tower will come
    their words are still, Fie,foh and fum I
    smell the blood of a British man.

  • Question(Mr.Farang)
    Will unemployment reach the high levels of the past in NI under a Conservative government?

  • In his opinion, has the New Labour devolution project in the UK strengthened or weakened the Union? If it is the former, will he then be looking to extend the “benefits” of devolution to England? If it is the latter, how does he propose to remedy the situation?

    Mr O’Neill, Belfast

  • S. Elliott

    Do you support academic selection at 11 and if so (since it is only used for selecting for a place at a grammar school) why have you abandoned grammar schools in England yet claim to support them here?

  • Silver Line

    What if the next general election is so close the Conservatives need the DUP to have a Government? What happens to the UUP?

  • It was Sammy Mc Nally what done it

    Question for Dave.

    Would he happy to join many of his prospective new party members on an Orange March. If the answer to that is Yes then he will be re-inforcing the Orange and Green poitics he claims to be intent on replacing and if the answer is no then he shouldnt be associating himself with a party such as the Ulster Uninoists.

  • Michael Shilliday

    Interesting interview in the Newsletter today Sammy where he addresses that perfectly reasonably. Don’t have time now but if no one else has I’ll do something on it tomorrow.