Parades Commission backs march of the turkeys…

THIS story is a real feather in the writer’s cap, nicely pointing out how the sheer absurdity of the rules we need in Northern Ireland to keep the peace are often applied to the most innocent of events. On this occasion, the turkeys of Co Fermanagh have now received permission from the Parades Commission to march the streets of Irvinestown. Presumably the lucky pluckers received no objections from militant vegetarians.

  • edward

    I thought the dup only went on parade in July

  • Kathleen

    I’ve met Joe McMahon when we stayed at his hotel. It’s a lovely part of the world – wish I was there now.

  • Rory

    What next … Lambeg drumsticks?

  • veritas

    but are they…

    Catholic or Protestant Turkeys?

  • The_Analyst

    Fair play to Joe Mahon. He is an example to all in how he goes about promoting his home town and doing it in a way that brings a smile to all regardless of age or political persuasion.We need more of his type in this part of the world. Incidently Joe is today in London along with ‘Uncle Hugo’ receiving an award for their fund raising exploits for the Marie Curie charity.

  • RepublicanStones

    I hear Dustin’s rounding up a posse incase the veggies give any trouble !

  • edward

    they are sometimes called walking birds

    walking = marching = protestants therefor protestants are Irish Turkies

  • Ulsters my homeland

    cracking paragraph Gonzo, LOL.

  • Ulsters my homeland

    are they only allowed to gobble once, or are the other turkeys allowed to join in?

  • Paddybarn

    I hope the turkeys are not going to be loud. there is nothing worse than a load of turkeys walking the road and making noise, we need to keep restrictons on them, make them walk in step to a single gobble.

  • Baz está fresco em Vermont

    I’ve been to that, there are a lot of fatalities, it is nothing less than genocide,

    I tried to get the UUP to wade on with a Northern Cypriot ticket, they seen through it,