“I can only assume this must have been a gift for someone else”..

BBC NI political editor Mark Devenport has the scoop of the day. Heh.

  • Rory

    My own personal beauticians (and massage therapists), Mlles Fifi and Trixibelle, assure me that haemmoroid treatments such as Anusol or Preparation H creams are most effective against wrinkles and bags under the eyes but, really, I’m not so sure that I want to make a complete arse of meself.

  • Ulsters my homeland

    anti-wriggle cream more like

  • picador


    I thought you were going to tell us how unionists on Belfast City Council had surpassed themselves once again with the election of Frank McCoubrey as High Sheriff.

    After the great job he did the time he was Deputy Lord Mayor?

    Day of Culture? Johnny Adair? Volley of shots? Loyalist feud? Anyone?

  • blinding

    “anti-wriggle cream more like”

    Posted by Ulsters my homeland

    Does Gerry have to administer it to Unionists himself.

  • Kathleen


  • Comrade Stalin

    I went through security behind Gerry Adams at the Belfast City Airport a couple of years ago. It was a day or two after the IRA had made their major “we’re standing down” statement. Gerry had a copy of “Daily Ireland” tucked conspicuously beneath his arm as he walked along the tape barrier immediately prior to the security point.

    When he went through security, they chose not to search him. I passed through the other security search area on the other side and they went through all my stuff. I asked, pointing discreetly over at the Bearded One, “why are you guys searching me and not him?”. To my surprised they smiled wryly, but nonetheless completed the search of my stuff.

    I do not know why Gerry was in the airport. At the time I fancied that he was heading towards the US to explain to the diaspora exactly what the IRA had just done.

  • William


    It is rather disengenous to blame the Deputy Lord Mayor for what happens at an event to which he / she is invited.

    The protcol in my local Council and I presume is similar in Belfast City Council, is as follows;

    You cannot officially invite the Deputy Mayor, but must invite the Mayor or in Belfast’s case, the Lord Mayor. Should he have another invitation or for whatever reason is unable to attend an event, then the Deputy fills in for him. If the Deputy can’t go, then it is usual for a Chair of Committee to represent the Council or the invitation is declined.

    I’m sure that Frank McCoubrey, even with his links with the Loyalist Paramilitaries, wasn’t aware that Adair and company were going to have a show of strenth display.

    Unless you have evidence to say he had knowledge, then you should give him the benefit of the doubt. Don’t you agree????