Don’t waste your time with the questions for Cameron

We had announced an opportunity for people that couldn’t make the Cameron Direct Q&A to raise issues through Slugger at the event.

It was all agreed and Mick had blogged a request for three questions.

Unfortunately Tory HQ have gassed the idea at the 11th hour and no additional questions will be allowed from anyone.

Suddenly the idea of an early start and trip to Belfast to watch a Q&A seems a lot less appealing.

Update: Panic over see Mick’s update above and put your questions there.

  • Rory

    Such a pity since there was one question that I thought really needed to be asked about Cameron’s visit and the new-found unity between the Tories and the better-off Unionists and that is, “How will it affect the price of fish?”.

  • The new politics eh?

  • Mick Fealty

    I’m looking into what happened. Will report as soon as I have a satisfactory answer; if one there be!

  • Why on earth should questions be set aside for Slugger readers, rather than maximising time for people who attend the event?

  • Mick/Mark, sorry about this. Slugger reps are very welcome and can all seek to ask questions but the rule is that everybody is equal at the events – no special arrangements for blogs or the media (and just one question from all that David asks to ask). There is still time to register so the more of you attend the better the chance to ask. But no block questions. Also, David has agreed to answer ALL Slugger’s questions after the event. Forms will be available at the event to submit them.

    This is new politics. Everybody welcome.

    Register by emailing

  • PS But hurry…we’re nearly at our maximum number for the room. Jeff

  • Kathleen

    Chekov not everybody can get to the event, a few minutes to post questions on behalf of local people by the main local blog would have been a good thing.

    What ever is happening, nothing will be of benefit to them if this isn’t discussed locally. And the best place to discuss it is slugger o’toole.

    Yesterday I phoned nolan to make a comment on the mortgage situation, I didn’t get to make it on air or anything, but I actually said to the person at the other end, could your listeners not present their questions to David Cameron when he comes on Saturday, and his coming was news to her. She obviously didn’t know. Slugger made the event known about locally.

    If it isn’t discussed here, but only publicised about on the msm that’d be a pity for us locally. This needs to be discussed locally and this is the place to do it.

  • Mark McGregor


    That would be fine, if that was what was agreed.

    The Tories had agreed to the questions and had been encouraging the idea until this morning.

    Arrangements had been made and a series of coverage mechanisms put in place.

    My problem is them pulling the plug at the last minute after they’d had their pound of publicity out of the site.

    I don’t know if it was bad faith, incompetence or something else. I do know they’ve wasted a considerable amount of my time this week and they’ll not be getting any more out of me on Saturday.

  • Mark, this is unfair. We welcome as many Slugger readers as want to register and all are free to ask questions. We also made provision for you to use the broadcast sound equipment had you wanted to film the event. The only change we made was that individual Sluggers should put the questions rather than a stream of questions from one person – thereby hogging limited time and reducing the chance for others to participate. Moreover, the event will be streamed live and bloggers can blog while it’s happening.

    Sorry again for any confusion. But everyone welcome.