Cameron Direct in Belfast on Saturday…

The Tory Party is inviting residents from Belfast and the rest of Northern Ireland to quiz him on Saturday 6th December 2008. The event will take place in a Belfast location starting at 9.45am. Places at the event are free and open to all local residents, but must be obtained in advance. Our own Slugger mobile video team will be there to capture the quizzing of David Cameron by ordinary punters. I’ve seen him in action before, and he seems to thrive on the cut and thrust with political opponents. So you don’t have to be a Tory to go. More details before the fold…Neil Johnston, Chairman of the Conservatives in Northern Ireland:

“The Cameron Direct event is a wonderful opportunity for people in Belfast – whatever their political persuasion – to come along and raise their issues, questions and concerns with David Cameron.

“If people want to find out how David Cameron would offer real change from the same, tired politics in Northern Ireland and how he plans to help us pay the bills as the cost of living soars, I would urge them to apply for tickets and come along. I am really pleased David has chosen to come to Northern Ireland.

His visit reflects how important Northern Ireland is to the Conservatives. Our agreement with the Ulster Unionists, to create a new political force, will give real influence to all Northern Ireland voters on the crucial day to day issues such as taxation, pensions and the economy. I look forward to a lively debate.”

The event is free and open to all local residents, but places have to be secured in advance. To apply, people should e-mail Those attending will need to be at the venue by 9.30am on Saturday 6th December for a prompt 9.45am start.

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  • Mark McGregor

    I’ll be there. I’ve mentioned to Mick, I’m open to suggested questions from those who can’t attend in case the opportunity presents to raise them.

    If anyone is going and wants to feed in their perspective to the blog on the days happenings drop me a line.

    Warning – they’ll be adding your email address to their mailing list if you do apply but they promise it is easy to unsubscribe.

  • autocue

    Suggested question: will Maria Gatland be expelled from the Conservative Party?

  • autocue

    Could someone confirm to me or deny that William Frazer actually is a member of the Conservative Party?

    I am not taking the mick.

  • bob wilson

    Autocue – Willie Frazer is not a member of the Conservative Party – but like everyone else he’s perfectly entitled to attend the event!

  • Suggested question:would Mr.Cameron welcome the south back into the Commonwealth?

  • bob wilson

    Willie Frazer is not a member of the Conservative Party
    However like everyone else he is free to apply to come to Camerondirect!

  • kensei

    Hoe does current Conservative policy on restraining public spending sit with the fact that almost every major economy is planning some kind of stimulus package?

  • 100%

    Bob Wilson,

    For you being in the knowledge of who is/is not a member of the NI Tories must mean you are either the Secretary or membership secretary of the party here. If you do not hold either of these positions it is highly wrong for you to know the current make-up of your membership. So are you either of these officers, or do you need to be reported?

    Your just after giving away your identity.

  • kensei

    Oh oh and

    What did Maggie Thatcher do wrong?


    What has Labour got right over the past 10 years?

  • RepublicanStones

    If (more likely, when..) the Conservatives get into power, will Mr Cameron advocate the release in full, of both the Stalker and Stevens inquiries?

  • Jimmy Sands
  • elvis parker

    I’m trying to remember when Gerry and Marty offered to address a public meeting…
    Fair play to Cameron for agreeing to do this.

  • Suggested question: will Maria Gatland be expelled from the Conservative Party?

    Answer: She has already resigned from the party.

  • Mick Fealty


    Quit trolling!

  • Why am I still a UUP voter?

    Hmmn, 100% may well be trolling, whatever the hell that means (is there anyone on Slugger who isn’t?), but his point is entirely valid. Bob Wilson really shouldn’t know whether or not Frazer is a member of the local Tories. So how come you do Bob? Vigilant eyes want to know . . .

  • Mark, here’s one:

    Will David Cameron on getting elected end the 50:50 recruiting policy to the PSNI, that is to my knowledge the only piece of legislation in the western world that discriminates against people due to their perceived religious background?

  • 100%


    Are you going to respond?

  • Richard James


    She has resigned from a Cabinet position in Croydon council, not from the party. Although I don’t see why she should. She has clearly rejected her past and gave information to the security services concerning the IRA, and has earned a sentence of death for her efforts.

    DUP hacks like autocue should be more concerned if the threat to her life still remains from their fellow chuckle brother and his compadres. Or in the event of any harm coming to her, will the DUP be defending the IRA as they did over Paul Quinn’s murder?

  • Jimmy Sands


    She has clearly renounced a past in which she supported inflicting misery on innocent people in the name of atavistic tub-thumping nationalism. She plainly had no alternative but to leave the Conservative Party.

  • Richard,

    According to a local news site in Croydon, she has resigned also from the Conservatives, though not the council:

    In addition to leaving the cabinet she has also resigned from the Conservative party but has not yet decided whether to stand down as a councillor

    I agree with you regarding her decision to resign. She was a provo and now regrets having once been so. In NI, we have unrepentant murderers at every level of our political life, yet politicians from all parties who would consider themselves democrats are seemingly happy to work with them.

  • Richard James

    Thanks for the heads up O’Neill.

    The reaction from the DUP is particularly sickening, although considering their cosy relationship with Sinn Fein should we be surprised to see them team up to destroy this lady’s life? Wonder how many times autocue has raised concerns about advocates for the Poyntzpass murderers being in his party?