A quick update as part of the charity blog series focusing on The Billy Caldwell Foundation………

The Billy Caldwell Foundation (www.billycaldwellfoundation.com) is offering promoters a free house raffle ticket for every five they sell (£100 each). For every individual, club, business, voluntary group, church, school, etc, that raises £500 they also get a free house raffle ticket and a chance to win the brand new three, bedroom house for their organisation. So calling all sales people, people with generous or rich friends, folk who need an idea for a Christmas present, or anyone who just wants to help a good cause, register your interest with Anne Monaghan at anne.monaghan@ampmcommunications.co.ukAny volunteers interested in helping out can also send me an email or if anyone out there has any ideas for other fund-raising efforts, please get in touch.

  • Ulsters my homeland

    Sadly, I’m not a wealthy man, but there are people on slugger who have donated large sums of money to a certain Irish language ‘thingy-me-bob’, (I’m talking thousands), so here’s hoping Anne.

  • Mark McGregor


    I’m going to be brutally honest, apologies.

    Sadly, while I know these house raffles can work I feel this one is destined to failure as the charity is trying to run before it can walk. This is a relatively unknown project, that few people are aware of. Regardless of good intentions I don’t think the profile or support base has been built to make the house raffle a viable idea – I’d love to be proven wrong.

    This fundraising idea, which is very successful in GAA circles, relies on a strong support base that can tap networks of likeminded individuals with cash to burn.

    I hope I’m wrong.

    Sorry – I don’t have £100 for a charity I just heard of a week or so ago on the internet.

  • Niall


    I’m with Mark. It’s undoubtedly a great charity but aren’t they all?

    I’m also sceptical about how quickly you posted the tie in with “Opportunity Omagh”.

    I have a low opinion of the opportunity for Omagh in building more houses in a town with loads of empty houses already collapsing in value whilst Developers berate the locals for our scepticism in a patronising matter they would only escape with here in the subjugates West.

  • Dewi

    Anne – really appreciated your posts over the last few weeks. I’d like to donate. Hate raffles for houses – tell me how to just give money.

  • spiritof07

    Assuming you are paying something for the house – £100,000? – and that you didn’t get the billboards for free, then you are aiming very high.

    How many tickets do you have to sell to make the venture viable? Seems very ambitious given the economic environment wer are in.

    If you don’t sell the right number of tickets will the draw still go ahead?

  • Anne Monaghan

    Hi Folks, Thanks for all your comments. Yes, this is a new charity so it will be difficult to get a foothold in the charity ‘market’ but one has to start somewhere. There isn’t a charity for children with severe, intractable epilepsy in NI and if anyone wishes to make a donation then contact me directly at the email above. In relation to the house raffle, we are benefiting from, dare I say it, selling to a wider market than perhaps the GAA. With the GAA some members of the PUL community may not buy tickets and we do not have that issue. In relation to advertising we are benefiting from some very low prices and even in some cases free advertising – you know who you are!We need to sell a minimum of 950 tickets and we are in the process of doing that – anything after that is profit for the charity. If the charity does not sell the minimum number then people will be issued with a refund and it states this clearly on the ticket, although the Foundation is not thinking along those lines. The ‘Opportunity Omagh’ tie in comes from one of the Foundation’s aims which is the establishment of a Centre of Excellence in NI, which the OO investors have stated could be part of that initiative.

    Hope this is helpful, Anne.