Slugger’s Daily Blogburst…

Kicking off, Colm has a good old fashioned whinge about being a Dub in the Pravinces how when people refer negatively to Leinster House they talk about the Dublin government as if the capital was to blame for the rest of the country’s ills (well, they are aren’t they? – ed)… I must admit the last time I had the least sympathy for Dublin on the field of play was in the 1977 All Ireland Football semi-final; the single greatest football match in my recalling… but that may only because as a teenager I disliked Jimmy Keavney (who could turn on a sixpence and score from any part of the park) only slightly less than that goal poacher Owen Liston…- More seriously, Cian has a good thread going on Ireland Air. Mick O’Leary’s latest attempt to take over the world as Ireland’s national carrier… A thought: you cannot avoid a monopoly if one of two carriers has insufficient means to keep going. Aer Lingus may not be there just yet, but O’Leary is coming around around until the prey is too weak to resist…

– Oh, and if you want to see the Boul’ Mick in action check out the next Leviathan, Wed 10 Dec 2008 at 8pm at the Button Factory… Book your tickets here

– Gerard notes that Marriage is way more popular than the policy makers and opinion formers would have us believe…

– Over at Amárach blog they’ve discovered that “Irish women are the oldest in Europe in terms of the average mother’s age at birth of first child”… Some that does not surprise me overly, since it replicates an older post Famine demographic of women and men waiting for security before settling down…

– Graham Lenihan takes the Irish Times to task for things it got wrong in its profile of him…

– On the Labour conference, JL was impressed with Eamon Gilmore’s call to arms… But makes an interesting point when he points at the Unions:

…if there was one thing preventing me from pinning a Labour rosette to my chest today it would be that, since I would argue that unions have played their fair share of a role in turning the Celtic Tiger into the Celtic Carcass.

But if Gilmore can continue a course which convinces me that this rhetoric can realistically be turned into votes and seats, then maybe (just maybe mind you) this is an Irish Labour Party I can finally get on board with.

– World by Storm reckons there’s a feel good factor that arises from the sensation of kicking loose from the shackles of the Mullingar Accord…

Dan was not a fan of the Prime Time Special on Watford born Declan Ganley (I agree with Suzy on the creepy opening music myself). Gavin asks the obvious question:

Maybe someone can enlighten me as to why Ganley’s finances should be put under the spotlight, and not those of Fianna Fail, the party that has been in power for the last 11 years and has presided over a cataclysmic property bubble? Or that we have no idea from where Fianna Fail, or Fine Gael for that matter, got most of their funding?

– Adam notes that the journos on the Indo and the Daily Mail are getting cosy in Dublin…

– O’Neill spots a slight slip from Google Maps

– Chekov notes that Unionism is not necessarily another form of nationalism

  • Dec

    Always had a soft spot for Jimmy Keaveney myself due to the fact that his neice went to school with my sister in Belfast and because it’s a rare thing to see someone with a pot belly move that sublimely.

  • Mick Fealty

    I was trying to keep his belly out of it (and the way they thumped Armagh in the final that year)… But yes, that was part of the marvel of the man…

  • Jimmy Keaveney was my idol when I played for St Sylvester’s under 10s. He would come watch us train most months and kick a few points just to prove he was in fact GOD.

    I will never understand the other 31 counties hatred of the Boys in Blue. But then I am always amazed at how keen you all are to come watch us play at Croke Park.

    Roll on the summer!

  • Not Hill 16

    You must remember that most of Jimmy’s scores (2-6 overall) that day in 77 came from frees rather than from play. Even Jimmy freely admits the first goal was a fluke, but so what. He’s still a great character, and still likes a jar and the craic as much now as when he was playing.

    One thing is certain – he would have given all these dieticians, physio’s and coaches with their individual training programmes and who are now involved with many of today’s county teams something to think about. Probably would have driven them all mental!! 🙂

  • Mick Fealty

    Phenomenal distances though. He just seemed to slot every single one between the posts. Watched it in a tiny pub in Dungloe.

  • smcgiff

    ‘they talk about the Dublin government’ – rather than provencial, isn’t this primarily a NI term?.

    I never hear anyone refer to it as “Dublin Government”.

  • I got my pot belly from drinking a lot of beer. now i have to do a lot of Cardio to remove my pot belly.`*,